how to remove wax from clothing without an iron? Expert Advice

Wax from a candle or used in cosmetology for depilation, when it gets on the fabric, can ruin both the thing and the mood.

Homemade recipes and special remedies will help to cope with a difficult situation.

How and how to remove drops of wax for depilation or paraffin from a candle from clothes at home, we will tell in the article.

How To Remove Wax From Clothing Without An Iron? Expert Advice

What is the danger of wax stains?

Wax marks are difficult stains. The difficulty in removing such stains is due to the composition.

For candles, paraffin, stearin, or palm wax with a fat base is used. Such substances do not dissolve in water, even in hot water. Because of this, a regular wash will not always help.

An additional complication is that the wax gets on the fabric in a hot, melted state. It penetrates very quickly into the fibers and hardens, sticking them together.

You can clean off such a drop with a mild knife, spatula, or another suitable object. But on the material itself, a bold noticeable mark will remain, which is already much more difficult to remove.

Another danger of candle droplets is the dyes used. Candles of unusual shade are made using persistent color pigments. Spilled wax in this case can leave behind not only a greasy mark but also stain the fabric.

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How To Remove Wax From Clothing Without An Iron?

Regular detergents will not help remove stains. Other techniques will be needed to remove the wax mark. All of them are not complicated. But they require accuracy when carrying out manipulations.

Remove with turpentine

If the option with heating the spot cannot be realized for some reason, you can use turpentine.

The order of work in this case:

  • soak a cotton swab with turpentine;
  • gently treat the affected tissue area with blotting movements;
  • after the trace has disappeared, wash the thing in the usual way at the maximum allowable temperature;
  • rinse.

A similar treatment can be carried out with refined gasoline instead of turpentine.


It is very difficult to remove wax from complex, textured surfaces of fabrics. Most recipes, in this case, are not applicable, as they can aggravate the situation – increase the stain.

To achieve the effect, the item can be frozen, which will lead to the fragility of the paraffin or wax stain. In winter, you can just take the thing out into the cold. But this method is only suitable for winter.

At other times, soiled clothing should be folded so that the stain is on top and placed in a plastic bag in the freezer. As soon as the wax freezes and becomes brittle, you need to break it with your hands and brush off all the pieces with a brush.

Dishwashing liquid

For fabrics that cannot be heated or frozen, a dishwashing detergent method can be used.

How to use:

  1. Apply a small amount of undiluted dishwashing liquid to the affected area.
  2. Rub lightly.
  3. Leave the garment to lie down for 10 hours.
  4. Wash a thing.

If washing is done by hand, pay special attention to the stained area.

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Remove Wax From Clothing made of different fabrics Without An Iron?

Remove Wax From Clothing made of different fabrics

When removing stains of any origin, including from paraffin and wax for depilation, it is necessary to take into account the type of material and its density. It is also important to take into account the composition of the fabric when using special commercial cleaning products.

Cotton, linen

Heavy linen and cotton are thin materials then the heating method can be used to a limited extent, using a hairdryer or steam generator for heating.


Artificial materials do not react well to heat, so you should not use a hairdryer, and even more so an iron. Temperature exposure can lead to deterioration of the thing up to the melting of the material.

In this case, turpentine will help to eliminate the wax. Another option is to treat it with dishwashing detergent.


Jeans or Denim clothing often suffer from various stains. The advantage of the material is its strength. Cleaning with a dishwashing detergent will help remove stains from the fabric.

For this:

  • apply literally a few drops of dish gel to the stain without dampening the stain with water;
  • rub;
  • prepare a soaking solution using a detergent;
  • soak jeans for an hour;
  • wash;
  • if necessary, repeat the process.

Also, for denim material, a freezing method is acceptable, which makes it easy to cope with the problem. 


Wool is a demanding material that must not be exposed to intense stress. To remove the stain, in this case, it is recommended to use gentle methods. These requirements are met by a recipe based on a dishwashing detergent.

The process must be completed by washing with the use of an appropriate detergent.

Suede, velor, velvet

Velour, suede, and velvet have a fleecy surface that is not easy to clean. Getting on such a fabric, hot paraffin quickly spreads over the pile and reaches the base.

Freezing can give a good result. You can also use heat for suede, but very carefully, avoiding direct contact of the heated soleplate with the pile.

The chamois can also be heated over steam to soften the wax. After that, remove with a dry napkin and clean.


Genuine leather clothing is not susceptible to wax. A stain on the outside can be removed by holding the item in the freezer.

After that, the stain is broken with your hands and cleaned off. The remains of paraffin are washed off with a damp cloth.

If after processing a trace of contamination remains, this area must be wiped with refined gasoline or turpentine. Completes the treatment by wiping the surface dry.

Remove Wax From Clothing made of Fur

One of the best ways to clean fur is by freezing it. The stain that has become fragile can be easily crumbled without damaging the look and structure of the fur.

Satin, organza, silk

Only delicate processing methods will help clean delicate fabrics. As one of the options, you can wash it in soapy water. Another way is to use dishwashing detergent diluted with water.

After applying the drug to the fabric, the thing should not be intensively rubbed and wrinkled. All actions should be as gentle as possible on the fabric.

prohibitions in removing wax without iron

prohibitions in removing wax without iron

Removing wax from fabrics is subject to many limitations. The type and composition of the fabric, its color, and some other factors should be taken into account.

When cleaning, it is advisable to remember a number of prohibitions:

  1. You cannot use the ironing recipe if the spilled wax is colored. Heat can cause the color pigment of the dye to be absorbed even more into the fabric and set, making the stain resistant.
  2. Do not use the ironing method for thin fabrics that are not resistant to heat.
  3. Do not try to cut off the drop with a sharp kitchen or office knife. Doing so can easily damage the material itself.
  4. You should also not scrape / scratch the stain too vigorously, as this can also ruin the thing – lead to cackling, thinning or breakage of the fabric.

expert advice

To cope with wax on clothes and fabrics, expert advice will help:

  1. Before using one of the recipes, you must carefully remove the wax blot protruding above the surface.
  2. Colored paraffin marks can be treated with undiluted rubbing alcohol. This is done with a napkin with blotting movements. The work must be carried out carefully so that the paint does not smudge even more.
  3. Fabrics with unstable dyeing deserve special attention. For them, the best option is a mechanical cleaning option. After removing the top layer of paraffin, talcum powder can be poured into the spot with the stain, and after a time when it absorbs the pollution, it is removed. The manipulation can be repeated.
  4. When cleaning upholstered furniture wax, the composition of the upholstery fabric must be taken into account. As a means of freezing for oversized items, it is possible to use ice cubes placed in a plastic bag.

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You can even remove wax from the clothes at home. There are a large number of recipes that are simple, but effective to remove wax from clothing without an iron. Also, special preparations can be used, which also show a good effect, and act quickly.

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