How To Get Rid Of Carpet Moths Naturally? Best Home Remedies

Fighting moths with baking soda is one of the most effective methods.

A completely harmless agent, if used correctly, will rid the room of an insect for a long time, you will not have to resort to chemical disinfection.

The components contained in synthetic products are always toxic. They have a cumulative effect, having reached a high concentration in the body, negatively affect the work of internal organs, and cause the development of chronic diseases.

Therefore, using regular baking soda is the best option to get rid of carpet moths naturally and it is also pest control.

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Moths Naturally? Best Home Remedies

how to spot moth in carpet?

A butterfly flying around the house will no longer cause harm, so it is useless to catch it. Males flutter around the rooms, which by their anatomical structure are not capable of spoiling clothes.

The danger is represented by females and larvae sitting in secluded places. It is the hatched caterpillars that do the main harm.

The moth is a lepidopteran insect, it happens:

  • fur coat – gray with dark spots;
  • wardrobe – yellow with a purple tint;
  • food – gray-brown;
  • furniture – dark gray or black;
  • grain;
  • barley.

The last two species are destroyed only with the help of disinfecting treatment with chemicals, the rest breed in a residential building, therefore, it is necessary to deal with them using folk methods that are harmless to humans.

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preparing carpet for cleaning moths

Cleanliness, neatness, order in the house is the best prevention in the fight against insects. But, if they have already appeared, the first thing to do is to carry out general cleaning.

To do this, shake up and dry all things in wardrobes. Wipe the walls, shelves, drawers of the cabinet with soda solution.

In the kitchen, throw away all spoiled products, wash the cabinets, treat with a solution of soda ash. This will neutralize the pest larvae and prevent their reproduction.

preparing carpet for cleaning moths

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Moths Naturally?

In an apartment, you may not notice an insect right away. For some time it lives in secret places, making things and products unusable. Signs of its appearance in wardrobes:

  • bald spots on fur coats, hats, drapes;
  • holes appear on cotton, woolen, and other natural fabrics;
  • cocoons, larvae, small worms on clothes;
  • empty, lint-free areas on carpets.

To get rid of pests, you need to apply proven recipes, where the main component is sodium bicarbonate.

baking soda and salt moth remover

Recipe for the destruction of moths from fur, carpet, velor and other fleecy products.

Recipe 1.

  • baking soda 200 g;
  • table salt – 400 g.
  1. Apply the resulting mixture to fleecy products, cover all inaccessible places, scars, seams with it.
  2. Leave in this state for a day. Then thoroughly vacuum the carpets, shake out the fur products.

The procedure is carried out for 2 weeks, every three days. This will not only rid the product of pests but also prevent their appearance.

Recipe 2.

  • baking soda – 200 g;
  • table salt – 200 g;
  • water – 3 l.

Thoroughly dissolve all the ingredients in water, spray on a fluffy surface with a spray bottle, leave to dry completely.

Then vacuum, remove the rest of the solution. Repeat for 2 weeks, every other day.

onion and baking soda

This recipe works well for kitchen cabinets.

  • onions 200 g;
  • baking soda 100 g;
  • water 1 l.

Chop the onions finely, add water, leave for 6 hours. Strain, add soda, dissolve it well. Wipe down all cabinets inside and out every day for a week.

laundry soap and baking soda recipe

  • Grate 100 g of soap;
  • dissolve completely in 1 liter of hot water;
  • add 100 g of sodium carbonate.

Wipe down all cabinets thoroughly.

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Vinegar recipe to get rid of carpet moths naturally

Vinegar recipe to get rid of carpet moths naturally

A very effective remedy for combating all types of insects that have settled in the house.

  • powder NaHCO3 – 100 g;
  • vinegar 9% – 200 g;
  • water – 500 g.

Mix all the ingredients well, moisten a napkin, wipe the entire inner surface of the furniture, paying special attention to the corners and joints of the furniture.

Garlic and baking soda

  • peel the garlic;
  • crush in a garlic;
  • add soda ash in a 1: 1 ratio;
  • mix well.

Put the mixture in small saucers, place in the places where the moth was seen. This procedure can also be done to prevent insects from appearing.

Change the contents in the saucers every week.

Ammonia and baking soda

baking soda and mix water 1:10, mix well, add 1 teaspoon of ammonia.

Wipe the shelves in the closet.

Aromatic herbs repel insects well: lavender, tansy, wormwood. They can be put in a closet, before that they are tied in small bouquets. You can also pour 100 g of grass into 1 liter of boiling water, let it brew for 5 hours, mix with 100 g of soda, wipe the places where insects accumulate.

baking soda With aromatic oils

The moth does not tolerate the harsh aromas of fir, geranium, citrus, tobacco, camphor, and others.

It is enough to drip a few drops of aromatic oils into a small container with soda, arrange them in the cabinets and the insects will gradually disappear.

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Use suitable recipes from the above recipes to get rid of carpet moths naturally at home. Ensure proper preparation before removing moths from the carpet.

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