how to remove double sided tape from glass? Best Remedies

Sticky tape or scotch tape has become indispensable in our life and solves a lot of economic problems. But it is most often used temporarily, after which it is necessary to get rid of it.

It is quite problematic to remove it from the glass, which, after using it, must be restored to its original form.

How not damage the glass by removing the adhesive tape covered with a sticky adhesive base of different compositions, as well as how to remove double sided tape from glass without scratches? Details are in the article.

How To Remove Double Sided Tape From Glass? Best Remedies

How To Remove Double Sided Tape From Glass?

Sticky spots inevitably remain from the adhesive tape and double sided tape, which is associated with the presence of an adhesive surface.

The complexity of work to restore the original appearance of the glass surface is associated with:

  • with uniformity or heterogeneity of the adhesive layer;
  • long or short period of being on the surface;
  • the chemical composition of the glue.

Depending on the type of adhesive double sided tape and its purpose, the adhesive bases are different :

  • stationery transparent tape is greased with acrylic glue;
  • masking and construction tape has a rubber base;
  • mounting and double-sided coated with acrylic.

Different coatings require an ambiguous approach to processing. If the adhesive tape has not been on the surface for long, then there will be no problems, and with prolonged use, it will not be so easy to get rid of the adhesive base.

Before you get started, you need to understand a few simple tips that will help you avoid trouble not only with glass but also with your own skin.

Most often, aggressive liquids (alcohol, acetone, vinegar) are used to remove the sticky adhesive double-sided tape base, so the use of gloves and glasses is required. It is important to work in a room that is thoroughly ventilated.

Cares in removing double sided tape:

  1. hot air (hairdryer) is used to heat the tape, but prolonged heating can lead to the formation of cracks on the glass;
  2. the same applies to the steam cleaner, which must be kept at a distance of 30 cm from the surface;
  3. when exposed to acetone, the adhesive coating may smear, since this composition only partially dissolves the glue, which will complicate the work in the future;
  4. soda in the form of a dry powder is not suitable for processing, as it leaves small scratches and the glass loses its original transparency.

To Remove Tape Residue From Glass, use both home remedies, which are always at hand, and specially designed chemicals purchased in hardware stores.

Do not scrub the glue base with metal or other brushes with a hard surface, abrasive sponges.

It is forbidden to use aggressive acidic or alkaline solutions on frosted or tinted glass.

home remedies To Remove Double Sided Tape From Glass

home remedies To Remove Double Sided Tape From Glass

So how do you remove traces of tape from glass? The glue cannot be removed with water or a damp cloth, therefore, most often, modern housewives use a choice of:

  1. Vegetable oils (olive, essential, linseed). A cloth is moistened in oil and fixed on the glass for 2 hours, then washed with dishwashing liquid and wiped dry.Essential oils not only do an excellent job of the problem, but also leave a pleasant scent.
  2. Eraser or eraser. An eraser is moved across the glass in the same way as erasing a drawing on paper.Sometimes a small amount of “pellets” of glue remains on the surface, but they are easily washed off with water. The glass can withstand minor mechanical stress and is not damaged.
  3. Stationery knife. The knife is placed at a slight angle to the stain to be treated and the adhesive is removed from the tape. The method is used as a last resort, when there are no other options: if handled carelessly, scratches may remain on the glass. Instead of a knife, blades or a scraper are suitable.
  4. Scotch tape. It is glued to the contaminated area and quickly pulled from the bottom up. The glass is cleaned, it is wiped with a damp cloth. You need to act quickly, without leaving the tape for a long time, otherwise the problem will become doubly difficult.
  5. A hot solution based on laundry soap. Laundry soap shavings are crumbled into the water, a cloth is dipped in a soapy solution and fixed on the glue spot for 5 minutes, after which it is washed with water, removing the dissolved glue with a napkin. An alkaline solution copes well and quickly with the problem.
  6. Hair dryer. Heat up as much as possible and direct the jet onto the dirty glass. Enough 10 minutes for the adhesive from the tape to soften. After that, it is simply removed with a dry napkin. The method is dangerous in that the glass from the hot air can burst.
  7. Steam cleaner. The device acts on the adhesive base from a distance of 30 cm for 5 minutes. After that, the glue is removed with dry paper or a napkin, and the glass is washed again to remove streaks. The glass may crack if you approach it too closely. It is important to be careful when working with tinted, frosted or tinted glass.
  8. Soda. Soda is dissolved with water to a mushy state and applied to the glue spot, wiping it in a circular motion without strong pressure, since soda consists of particles that can leave micro-scratches on the glass.

The effect of any agent on the glue spot takes a certain time. The surface is wiped repeatedly so that the glue has time to dissolve, otherwise it will not be possible to completely clean the glass.

If the first procedure did not give the desired results, it can be repeated a second and third time.

Household chemicals To Remove Double Sided Tape From Glass

Household chemicals To Remove Double Sided Tape From Glass

Some housewives prefer exclusively chemicals and cleaning compounds, which they consider being the most reliable.

In everyday life they use:

  • Vinegar (table, wine, apple). Vinegar is applied to a rag and wipe the stain on the glass in a circular motion.After cleaning, wipe the surface dry again. Vinegar adds shine and removes possible streaks.
  • Kitchen cleaning products (Mister Muscle, Myth, Drop, Pemolux). One of them is applied to a sponge and thoroughly wiped the surface, and then rinsed with water. It is advisable to use products in the form of gels so that the powder does not leave small scratches on the surface.
  • Means for cleaning glass. With their help, remove the glue spot and any strong contamination: resinous substances, labels, glue.
  • Ammonia: medical or technical. Moisten a cloth in a solution of ammonia and thoroughly, in a circular motion, wash the contaminated area. Wipe the surface dry. The ammonia cleans and gives shine to the glass. The nail polish remover works in a similar way (it works well with fresh dirt).
  • Solvents (alcohol, acetone, gasoline, kerosene). The sponge is immersed in kerosene, wrung out and applied to the contaminated surface. Rinse with water and wipe dry. The method is suitable for glasses and mirrors.
  • Alcohol and solutions containing it. Alcohol is applied to a cotton pad and the surface is wiped for a long time, and then wiped with paper until dry. The method is simple, but it takes time and effort.

To clean the glass in one go, use a combination of two products. This will ease the effort and get rid of residual streaks and stains.

For example, the surface is first heated to melt the glue and then washed with one of the above means.

What is the difference between acrylic adhesive and rubber adhesive tapes?

The easiest way is to remove the double sided tape, which is based on paper, from the glass. It allows moisture to pass through without problems and lends itself to the action of any means.

The composition may have to be used for a longer period of time to completely soak the paper and adhesive surface. Even stubborn traces of double-sided tape are removed with oil or solvent, and then the surface is rinsed with hot water.

At the heart of the assembly, the tape is foil, and the stationery tape is polyethylene, which does not allow moisture to pass through. Before removing the glue, you need to get rid of the base itself.

To do this, find a corner of adhesive tape, pull it and remove it from the glass. If it breaks, then remove it with a scraper, pre-heated with a hairdryer. The glue spots remaining on the glass is removed by any of the above means.

Acrylic-based scotch tape (most often double-sided tape has such a base) can be removed by any of the methods listed in the article.

The rubber-based scotch tape is removed as follows :

  • wipe the contaminated area with an eraser;
  • treated with a sponge soaked in a composition of turpentine and solvent R-5;
  • when using drying oil or vegetable oil, the glass is additionally wiped with a degreasing agent (for example, dishwashing detergent).

The hostess chooses the most convenient method that most easily copes with the problem and subsequently uses it. There are many options, so getting rid of the sticky and dirty stains on the glass left by the tape is not difficult.

It is convenient to remove traces of double sided adhesive tape on tiles, plastic, and glass using special chemical pencils, which are produced with the marking “for removing labels”. You can ask consultants about new products that often appear on the shelves.

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The choice of funds is quite large, so it is rather difficult to give specific recommendations. Usually, housewives choose a safe home remedy that is always on hand to remove double sided tape from glass. It is convenient and safe.

Some people prefer to go straight to “heavy artillery” and buy a spray can with a chemical composition, but in the age of allergies, this can be harmful to health. In any case, the problem can be solved: the glass can be restored to its original shine without much effort and expense.

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