How to get candle wax off jeans? 3 Best Solutions

Even a tiny speck of wax on jeans can be a real problem. The thing is that when in contact with water, paraffin hardens and seizes even more strongly with the fibers of the fabric.

Unfortunately, washing with hot water and detergents will not solve the problem.

How to get candle wax off jeans? Special chemicals or several folk methods will help to clean the jeans from wax.

How To Get Candle Wax Off Jeans? 3 Best Solutions

How to get candle wax off jeans?

Despite the fact that paraffin stains are quite persistent, it will not be difficult to remove them from jeans if you approach the solution of the problem that has arisen correctly, with knowledge of the intricacies of the process. There is a sufficient number of improvised and special tools that help to quickly and efficiently clean jeans from wax traces.

Using home remedies

A few simple ways to help at home, by yourself, remove wax stains from denim clothes.

use Iron to remove wax

Heat treatment is the most effective method for fighting wax stains on denim.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Having laid out jeans on a horizontal surface, cover the candle stain with a natural cloth. To prevent the melted wax from staining the clean surface of your trousers. Place napkins under the stain.
  2. With a well-heated iron, iron the stain through the fabric. The paraffin will begin to melt and, seeping through the denim fabric, will be absorbed into the napkins (they need to be changed as they become dirty).
  3. To get rid of the greasy paraffin stain, after cleaning the jeans are sent to the wash.

The high-temperature method is not suitable if colored wax gets on the jeans. During the melting process, paraffin stains the fibers of the fabric and leaves stains, which are very difficult to get rid of later.

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Freezing in freezer

The easiest way to remove wax stains from jeans is to place the stained pants in the freezer.

steps to remove wax out off jeans with freezing:

  • jeans are placed in a plastic bag and then in the freezer for at least three hours;
  • after the product is taken out, and the frozen, crumbled wax is scraped off with the blunt side of the scissors;
  • subsequent washing will help get rid of the smallest particles of paraffin remaining after cleaning.

If the wax drop is small, ice will help remove it. It is enough to put an ice pack on the stain, wait until the paraffin freezes, and then gently scrape it off with a wooden ruler.

Alcohol and table salt to get candle wax off jeans

Minor wax stains will help remove alcohol from your denim garments.

Using Alcohol and table salt to get candle wax off jeans :

  1. The soiled area of ​​the jeans is abundantly moistened with alcohol and left for thirty minutes.
  2. After the wax has melted, sprinkle it with table salt and remove it with a cotton swab or sponge.
  3. After removing the paraffin stain, the clothes are washed as usual.

Alcohol is effective for fresh dirt. For stubborn candle stains, the cleaning procedure will have to be repeated several times.

Precautions in removing wax out of jeans

Precautions in removing wax out of jeans

In order not to completely ruin your favorite thing, before starting to clean the wax, it will not be superfluous to remember some restrictions and prohibitions:

  1. Before removing the trace from the candle from denim, be sure to wait until the paraffin has hardened. Otherwise, it will not work to clean the clothes (the wax will smear over the fabric).
  2. When removing paraffin from denim, it is not recommended to use ammonia (there are high risks of loss of material color).
  3. When scraping the wax from the fabric, it is necessary to move from the edges to the center of the dirt. Otherwise, the risks of a significant increase in the spot area are high.

If there are any doubts about the choice of wax removal method or the measures are taken did not lead to the desired result, it is better to entrust the cleaning of your favorite jeans to a dry cleaning professional.

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Faster way to remove wax from jeans

Tips from experienced housewives will make it easier and faster to remove wax from jeans:

  1. Before starting the process of removing wax from denim, the dirt must be carefully cleaned up with a wooden spatula or the back of scissors. These simple steps will help speed up the cleaning process.
  2. Talc will help remove the greasy residue from the jeans after removing the paraffin. It is enough to rub a dry cloth with talcum powder and leave the clothes alone for thirty minutes. After the powder is shaken off and, if necessary, wash the thing in warm water.
  3. Use an old, soft toothbrush to gently remove hardened wax particles from your jeans.

When scraping wax off your jeans, don’t rush. Active friction or the use of sharp objects can cause damage to denim (scuffs, holes appear).



Waxing on jeans is not a reason to throw away your favorite item. A little patience, neatness and the right product will help you quickly get candle wax off jeans shirts, and pants.

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