hard water stains on dishes from dishwasher: Expert Solutions

Hard water stains in dishwasher is a common problem faced by housewives. 

To get rid of hard water stain on dishes from dishwasher, study the instructions for use of the device, the manufacturer’s recommendations for the choice of detergents, program settings.

Hard Water Stains On Dishes From Dishwasher

Causes of appearance of Hard Water Stains On Dishes From Dishwasher

The equipment is not insured against breakdowns, failures. Before sending your machine to a service center, investigate the factors that reduce the performance of your dishwasher. Having determined the causes of contamination, you will be able to cope with the problem yourself.

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Hardness of water

If there are white streaks on plates, mugs, or the interior of the machine, the plaque is caused by the composition of the water: excess limescale deposits. The liquid in the urban pipeline system includes heavy admixtures of magnesium and calcium salts, they are debugged on the walls of the dishwasher.

After cleaning the devices, sediment remains on the internal parts. Over time, the white, dirty layer of plaque will thicken, causing damage to the machine.

Some dishwasher models are equipped with test strips to check the pH level of the well water. If there are no fixtures, study the surface, the internal cavities of the plumbing. A dull coating remains from the hard liquid. When boiled in a kettle, a white precipitate appears.

A neutralizing ion-exchange system is installed inside the machine. This is a container that contains a resinous substance. The cavity of the dishwasher is filled with regenerating salt. Water enters the device, passes through a purification filter that neutralizes metals.

The lack of salt, its lack leads to the formation of plaque. If the detergent is added by a signal from the machine, dirt remains, change the dishwasher settings. Failures in the water hardness regulator cause an insufficient intake of white matter, provoke the appearance of sediment.

Replace salt with expensive, high-quality salt: sometimes the composition is not suitable for a dishwashing machine.

The reason for the formation of plaque on surfaces can be caused by violations of the salt filling procedure: crystals got into the dishwasher. To remove white sediment check:

  • tightness of the lid on the ionizer container;
  • the presence of cracks in the structure of the machine.

Crystals are poured before starting the dishwasher. To prevent unpleasant consequences, white stains, plaque, do a blank procedure without loading with devices. If the manipulations were carried out according to the instructions, the sediment remained, pay attention to the substances for cleansing.


Plaque on dishes after the dishwasher can be the result of using cheap household chemicals. To remove white residues from the surface of plates, pots, mugs, three preparations are used: powder or gel for washing, rinse aid, salt.

During the drying process, condensation should be well carried out, this will reduce the likelihood of stains, plaque on the devices.

Not all machine models are suitable for 3-in-1 complex options that combine the functions of three drugs. Dishwasher tablets may contain an insufficient concentration of substances, not suitable for the composition of water.

Universal preparations do not cope well with white deposits in a fast mode, effectively perform functions with a long cycle, without leaving a plaque. The product takes more time to dissolve the components inside the capsule.

The dosage of the dishwasher detergent is indicated on the packaging. Following the instructions, you can choose the best option for washing appliances in a car without the appearance of a white precipitate.

Equipment malfunction

If after self-diagnosis of the products, following the instructions for using the dishwasher, plaque remains, inspect the device. Analyze the localization of contamination: formations on the dishes, the inner walls of the machine indicate a breakdown. An additional factor signaling a malfunction is a grease film on the surfaces.

Plaque can be caused by damage to the sensor for adjusting the water hardness in the dishwasher. The machine module automatically determines the amount of salt; if it breaks down, white crystals will no longer enter the system and will be used in an insufficient dosage.

Failure occurs due to improper use of detergents. Repair is being carried out to solve the problem.

The cause of a white layer of plaque may be clogged filters in a working dishwasher. Call the wizard to clean the elements, replace them.


The formation of streaks, white spots, plaque on dishes can occur due to improper loading of the device, selection of an unsuitable program. Do not install more items than indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions. Correctly arrange small attributes made of glass, metal pots: this will help to avoid drips.

Common reasons why a white coating remains in the dishwasher are:

  • lack of cleaning the drain filter after washing;
  • food particles from plates that must be removed before loading;
  • refusal to use detergents.

If used improperly, filters and nozzles become clogged, which leads to breakdown of the damaged dishwasher.

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How To Get Hard Water Stains On Dishes From Dishwasher?

How To Get Hard Water Stains On Dishes From Dishwasher?

To get rid of hard water stains on dishes from dishwasher, correctly determine the reason why the dishes in the dishwasher get hard water coating.

If the source of white coating is hardness of the water supplied to the machine, proceed as follows:

  • set how much the PH is exceeded;
  • use test strips;
  • pick up salt, cleansers that soften liquids. Refusal from drugs leads to the formation of a white harmful coating on the details of equipment, its breakdown.

Donot use cheap and poor powder

Saving on dishwasher preparations is unreasonable. Cheap options do not cope with the task assigned to the machine, they leave tarnishing on the walls of the product. The poor powder will not wash away dirt, and a poor-quality rinse aid will let white stains through. The lack of preventive components leads to breakdown, costly repair of the device.

Observing the rules for loading attributes, filling the dishwasher with the specified number of items, you can extend the life of the product and get rid of plaque.

To eliminate technical problems, it is recommended to contact a specialist. They will clean parts, filters from dirt, white scale, repair the hardness sensor of the water used.

Care for dishwasher to not form Hard Water Stains on dishes

Care for dishwasher to not form Hard Water Stains on dishes

Dishwasher require regular preventive measures against the occurrence of plaque. Before starting to use, an analysis of the hardness of the liquid is carried out, the correctness of the sensor settings is checked. This helps to avoid the risk of white deposits. Instructions for adjusting the dishwasher modes are contained in the operating instructions for the machine.

tightness lid

After filling in the salt, check the tightness of the lid, its position. Detergents must be poured into the designated compartments, observing the dosage. Using rinse aid will eliminate the risk of white, unaesthetic stains on the appliances.

Check cleaning filters regularly

Check the cleaning filters regularly for contamination. After 4-6 months, run the dishwasher in good condition on a program with the highest possible temperature and no load. Add vinegar or citric acid to the compartment instead of powder.

remove food residues

White deposits of plaque form on the surfaces of cookware from dirt particles. After the end of the wash cycle, remove food residues from the filter on the bottom of the appliance.

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Finals words

Caring for the dishwasher, timely prevention of the operation of the dishwasher will extend the life of the kitchen appliance. By identifying and eliminating the source of the problem, serious damage can be prevented. By choosing the right products to eliminate the source of hard water stains on dishes from dishwasher, loading and cleaning the devices according to the operating instructions for the machine, you will be able to forget about the white layers of plaque on the surfaces.

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