Does Baking Soda Bleach Clothes? 8 Best Recipes with Use

Baking soda is a substance that never ceases to amaze with a wide range of applications. Baking soda is used in cleaning as bleach, folk medicine, pest control.

Bleaching your clothes is another way to see the effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate. There are many recipes, time-tested, by housewives, for getting rid of yellow stains on linen.

Does Baking Soda Bleach Clothes

Does Baking Soda Bleach Clothes? How to Use It

baking soda with laundry powder to clean clothes

The easiest way to whiten things is to combine NaHCO3, a laundry detergent. The recommended proportions are equal.

Send the prepared dry mixture to the drum of the washing machine. Do not get rid of yellowness at hot temperatures – sodium bicarbonate works effectively in warm water.

It is recommended to rinse the laundry twice baking soda can irritate the skin. Thorough rinsing with cold water will help prevent the problem.

Stains after applying the composition rarely remain, if the yellowness could not be removed, repeat the process using another recipe based on sodium bicarbonate.

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Soda and hydrogen peroxide against clothes stains

The combination of NaHCO3, hydrogen peroxide is used against stubborn stains, yellowness of linen.

Use the composition carefully – delicate silk fabrics, chiffon, satin can become covered with additional spots.

Soda and hydrogen peroxide against clothes stains recipe:

  1. Mix sodium bicarbonate (30 g), hydrogen peroxide (15 ml).
  2. Stir until foamy.
  3. Cover the stains evenly with the prepared composition, rub (process duration – a quarter of an hour).
  4. Apply normal mode using the washing machine.

Washing with a prepared composition will help get rid of yellowness. Use a mixture (peroxide, baking soda) instead of powder.

The process is carried out twice – with soda solution, ordinary washing powder.

Baking soda and salt

Baking soda and salt

Common ingredients baking soda, salt, are able to remove stubborn stains, whiten fabrics. It is recommended to carry out a double process – by hand, then using the washing machine.

Preparation of Baking soda and salt:

  1. Mix equal amounts of cooking powder, salt.
  2. Add warm water (the mixture should be thick, like a paste).
  3. Spread the composition in an even layer, completely covering the stain.
  4. Rub the fabric with your hands.

Soaking will help remove the yellowness that has eaten into the fabric – dilute a mixture of salt, NaHCO3 (30 g each) with warm water (5 l), immerse the laundry in the composition for 3-5 hours.

It is not recommended to use salt in machine wash crystals can damage the delicate fabric.

It is better to carry out the process by hand after soaking, then fill the tray of the machine with a mixture of powder, sodium bicarbonate, wash the laundry.

Vinegar and baking soda anti-stain

Sodium bicarbonate slaked with vinegar is recommended for use only against stains. Handle delicate fabrics carefully – the composition is aggressive, capable of damaging fibers and threads.

Preparation of Vinegar and baking soda anti-stain:

  1. Sodium bicarbonate (50 gr.) Pour vinegar (100 ml).
  2. Stir, wait for persistent foam.
  3. Use immediately.

Remove stains with foam – distribute, rub, leave for a quarter of an hour. The addition of NaHCO3 is also recommended in the machine.

You should not often use a product based on NaHCO3, vinegar over time, the fabric will wear out, acquire a gray tint, become thin. Carry out bleaching as needed, alternating with the usual uses of a good powder.

baking soda and lemon

It is recommended to use a combination of sodium bicarbonate and lemon against the yellowness of the fabric.

Application is possible on delicate fabrics – the composition carefully removes dirt, stains, yellow-gray tint, returning whiteness.

Preparation of baking soda and lemon:

  1. Cut the citrus, squeeze out the juice (you need 50 ml), strain using a mesh, a fine sieve.
  2. Combine NaHCO3 (40 gr.), Citrus juice.
  3. Stir, apply after maturity (persistent foam appears).

It is recommended to carry out the manual, machine processes, preliminary soaking. Remove stains by applying a thick layer of foam – distribute, rub with your hands.

For machine wash, add to the tray a mixture of washing powder, citrus juice, baking soda (take equal amounts of components), pre-extinguish sodium bicarbonate.

baking soda and laundry soap

At home, it is recommended to bleach bed linen with a mixture of NaHCO3, laundry soap. The composition is used by boiling, in a typewriter.

Preparation of baking soda and laundry soap :

  1. Use a grater to turn dark laundry soap (bar) into gruel.
  2. Add baking soda, stir.
  3. Fill with hot water (1 l).
  4. Stir with a wooden stick, wait until the soap particles disappear and foam appears.

Dilute hot water (5-7 liters) with a soda-soap solution, fill the boiling container. Pre-soak white things, use lemon-soda remedy.

After soaking, boil the bed linen for half an hour, stirring occasionally. Rinse, machine wash if necessary.

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baking soda and ammonia

The combination of NaHCO3, ammonia is used to whiten underwear – the composition is gentle on the fabric. Getting rid of stains is carried out in two stages – soaking, scrolling in a typewriter.

Preparation of baking soda and ammonia:

  1. Combine sodium bicarbonate (60 gr.), Ammonia (30 ml).
  2. Stir, wait a quarter of an hour.
  3. Combine hot water (5 l), prepared soda composition.
  4. Cool, lower underwear, rub with hands, leave.

After 2-4 hours, rub again with your hands, transfer to the washing machine, turn on the gentle mode.

Double rinsing, the use of fragrant rinses will get rid of the smell of ammonia.

Baking soda and citric acid

A mixture of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid is used against stains, persistent yellowness, gray tint of the fabric. White clothes are also washed with a rather aggressive composition. Do not use the mixture on thin fabrics – there is a risk of fiber damage.

Preparation Baking soda and citric acid for clothes cleaning:

  1. Combine NaHCO3, citric acid (equal proportions).
  2. For 100 gr. dry mix – 5 liters of water.
  3. Stir, lower clothes, leave for 3 hours.

Conduct a manual process. It is recommended to additionally rub stains on clothes with a mixture of cooking powder, acid, previously moistened with warm water. The consistency should resemble a thick paste.

Machine wash using dry compound (NaHCO3, acid) sent to the tray. Choose a gentle mode, the temperature is not higher than 40 degrees.

How carefuly use baking soda as bleach for clothes?

How carefuly use baking soda as bleach for clothes?

Sodium bicarbonate is an aggressive substance that can damage sensitive skin, cause an allergic reaction, rashes, itching.

Gloves made of rubber will help prevent trouble use soda products after protecting your hands.

Sodium bicarbonate is more gentle on fabrics than chemical products offered by stores, but people are often allergic to cooking powder.

To prevent trouble, you can rinse twice with cold water the liquid will completely remove the particles of the substance remaining after washing.

Alternation will help improve the results of using soda solutions. It is recommended to use a different formulation for each whitening.

Also, change the methods of getting rid of yellowness, dirt, stains soak, hand, machine wash.

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