Use baking soda to remove pet urine odor: Expert Advice

Small children and pets are the culprits for the smell of urine in the room. More often than others, cats are seen in obscene behavior.

The animal needs time to get used to the new environment, the changed filler, and it happens that the owner accidentally blocked access to the “cat litter box”.

Then a puddle with a pungent, unpleasant smell appears in the most unexpected places: on the floor, carpet, furniture, interior items. Not all materials can be treated with aggressive detergents.

There is an alternative! The baking soda to remove pet urine odor.

How to use baking soda to remove pet urine odor?

The choice of how to act on urine residues depends on where the pet decided to urinate.

baking soda to remove pet urine odor On the couch

Penetrating deep into the sofa, cat feces exude a stench that intensifies every day. If the stain is fresh, you need to remove moisture by blotting it with a dry cloth or napkin. Then treat the surface with a solution of vinegar and water (1: 5).

Soda neutralizes uric acid. It is abundantly sprinkled on the surface of the sofa. If the liquid has soaked deep inside, it is recommended to prepare a soda solution and inject it deep into the sofa with an ordinary syringe.

The baking soda will absorb moisture, offensive fumes. Then it is necessary to sprinkle the treatment site with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide (1: 1). After an hour, remove the rest of the funds with a damp cloth. The moisture will evaporate, and there will be no trace of the urinary stain.

On the carpet

When a puddle appears on the carpet, you need to act quickly. The sooner you start processing, the more chances you have for high-quality elimination of unpleasant odor.

Before starting work, you need to stock up on vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, and detergent. Act according to the algorithm:

  1. In a half-liter container, mix 1/2 tbsp. vinegar, 2 glasses of water. If the area to be treated is large, you can take more liquid by diluting the vinegar with water in a 1: 4 ratio. Moisten an unpleasant-smelling area liberally. Leave on for 10 minutes.
  2. Blot the treatment site with a dry cloth, cover with sodium bicarbonate, rub into the pile with light movements, leave for 10-15 minutes.
  3. In a separate container, mix 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide with a detergent, wetting a brush in it to clean the carpet.
  4. Clean the area to be treated with a sponge and clean water, wipe with a dry cloth, and vacuum.

Attention! Multi-stage carpet cleaning with soda takes 30-40 minutes and is efficient and economical.

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use baking soda to remove pet urine odor On bed

use baking soda to remove pet urine odor  On bed

Urine stains, stench on the bed is incompatible with the concept of comfortable rest. But what if the mattress was without a mattress topper, and a child, an adult, or a four-legged friend urinated on the bed?

It is easier to handle the urine of children. If you cover the stain with NaHCO3, and after a quarter of an hour wipe it with soapy water, there will be no trace of it.

It is different from the excrement of adults. Stains are more difficult to remove, and the smell is so persistent that in addition to the above procedure, it is recommended to treat them with ammonia, after which the mattress is taken out into the street for final drying.

Cat urine, penetrating into the thickness of the mattress, spreads an unpleasant odor, continues to attract the animal to perform new “feats”.

To prevent the bed from turning into a cat litter, you should use one of the recipes:

  1. Mix baking soda with soapy water to a gruel state, rub thoroughly into the stain. Wait until the mixture is dry. Remove the remaining soda, wipe with a damp cloth.
  2. Add soda (2 tablespoons) to hydrogen peroxide (100 ml), a few drops of detergent. Saturate the fetid area, wipe with a washcloth, rinse with clean water.

So that the cat no longer urinates on the bed, you should treat the place with a repulsive odor with a solution of bleach, vinegar, diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 4. Printed fabrics should not be exposed to chlorine.

Attention! If the urine has penetrated into the thickness of the mattress, you should use a syringe and inject a NaHCO3 solution with water inside.

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On linoleum

The surface of the linoleum is smooth, hard, any liquid is removed with one hand movement with a flannel cloth. However, the smell of urine can remain indoors for a long time.

To get rid of it, you should first moisten a rag in a “sour” solution – water with vinegar and lemon juice. Then sprinkle the problem area with soda, leave for 15 minutes.

Remove sodium bicarbonate with a broom, vacuum cleaner, damp cloth.

On laminate

The main component of the laminate is wood. The urine of the animal penetrates into the seams between the fragments of the coating, deforming it.

Wood fibers, despite the presence of a moisture-proof coating, easily absorb third-party aromas. If excrement gets on the surface, you must:

  • gently blot the puddle with a rag, paper towel. It is impossible to rub the stain so that the liquid does not penetrate deeply into the cracks;
  • generously sprinkle the place where the animal urinated with baking soda, leave for an hour;
  • collect the powder, wipe the place with laminate cleaners.

Attention! Do not use acetic acid products on wood flooring. The laminate is impregnated with resins, which, when interacting with an acidic environment, will lose their protective properties. The coating may be deformed.

on wooden products

Wooden surfaces, not treated with linseed oil, paint, easily absorb various aromas.

You can eliminate them using the recipe:

  • dissolve several crystals of potassium permanganate in 10 liters of water so that the water acquires a pale pink hue;
  • add 100 g of vinegar to the solution;
  • apply the solution, leave for an hour;
  • wash off the product with soapy water with the addition of NaHCO3.

Alternative method:

  • generously sprinkle the stinking area of ​​wood with soda and leave for 1 day;
  • remove the soda, wipe the place with water and a detergent for wooden surfaces.

On shoes

Neutralizing the smell of cat urine on shoes is a real challenge, as leather and textiles absorb moisture perfectly. You need to act quickly.

If the urine gets inside the shoe, you should thoroughly blot the moisture with napkins. As soon as traces of urine cease to remain on the paper, wipe the surface of the shoe with a damp cloth soaked in one of the solutions:

  • water with vinegar. The liquid should be slightly acidified (1 tsp vinegar per 1 liter of water) so as not to spoil the skin;
  • water with ammonia 10% in a ratio of 4: 1, respectively;
  • vodka with water, diluted in a 1: 1 ratio;
  • camphor alcohol and water, and alcohol should be 2 times less.

With a low concentration of vinegar, vodka, or ammonia in water, leather goods, suede will not deteriorate.

After processing, pour a little baking soda inside the shoe, apply a thin layer on the outer surface. NaHCO3 will absorb unpleasant odors.

Attention! Soda should not be applied to the varnished surface. If the powder is removed carelessly, the varnish may tarnish.

Why to use baking soda as pet urine odor remover?

If a child urinates in the wrong place, it is enough to wash, wash the surface with detergent.

Cats are another matter. The adventures of the tray mime become a real problem for the owners. The reason is that the urine of cats is composed of components:

  • urea, which is easily washed off with water;
  • urochrome, which gives the excrement a yellow tint;
  • crystals of uric acid, which do not dissolve in water, alcohol. It is necessary to use alkali, glycerin, hot sulfuric acid.

When trying to remove stains with regular detergents, cat owners notice that the smell is coming back.

If you eliminate the first 2 components of urine without affecting the crystals, the stench cannot be eliminated.

Important! Soda creates an alkaline environment that breaks down and neutralizes uric acid.

Only baking soda (baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate) is suitable for processing. It is not toxic, however, when processing surfaces, care should be taken that the powder does not get on the mucous membrane of children and animals. It can irritate the respiratory tract.

Useful Tips to get rid of pet urine smell

Useful Tips to get rid of pet urine smell
  1. If the cat “fell in love” with slippers, carpet, chair or other place not suitable for cat litter, it is necessary to pour vodka into a spray bottle, add a few drops of citrus essential oil (oranges, tangerines, lemons) there. Cats do not like such mixtures and will bypass the treated area.
  2. It is undesirable to use concentrated bleach to wash out urine stains. Studies have shown that cats, smelling chlorine, behave agitated, rolling on the floor, sniffing at the treatment site. This is due to the aroma, similar to feline pheromones. With prolonged exposure to chlorine fumes, the cat can be poisoned.
  3. If you cannot find the spot where the cat has marked the area, you should use an ultraviolet fluorescent lamp. In a shaded room under the rays of the lamp, urine will glow yellow, greenish. Fresh spots will be brighter, old and dry spots will be lighter. It is recommended to immediately mark the “finds” with adhesive tape, chalk, and then turn on the light, start cleaning. If a lot of purple spots are visible in the light of the lamp, do not be afraid. This is how cleaning agents behave.
  4. A common reason a cat refuses the litter box is poor toilet cleaning. Cats are cleanliness. If the litter is rarely changed, the animal will refuse to go to the uncleaned place. The excrement should be cleaned up daily, and the toilet should be cleaned once a week. Soda will help eliminate the unpleasant smell of the plastic tray. After removing the filler, you should pour sodium bicarbonate to the bottom, rinse the tray with it.

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When urine appears on any surface, baking soda effectively neutralizes the stench, is an environmentally friendly, economical remedy against pollution of any complexity. So use Baking Soda To Remove Pet Urine Odor and stains.

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