How To Prevent Mould On Jam? Best Way to Remove Mold from Jam

In anticipation of a sandwich with your favorite jam, you open the jar, and instead of a beautiful berry dessert, there are shaggy spots of dark or light color. Mold on the jam can permanently discourage the love of the adored raspberry delicacy. Let discuss how to prevent mould on jam and what to do.

How To Prevent Mould On Jam?

How To Prevent Mould On Jam?

Our grandmothers were constantly engaged in conservation and the blanks could be stored for several years before their grandchildren eat them.

To do this, adhere to several prerequisites:

  • store cans with preservation (jams, preserves, pickles) in cool, dark rooms;
  • the shelf life is about a year (no more than 3 years), but if the fruits are rolled up in jars with seeds, this significantly reduces the shelf life.

Compliance with the technology for preparing the product, as well as maintaining the required microclimate in the storage area of ​​the blanks (basement, cellar, pantry), guarantee the safety of sweet blanks during the entire permissible storage period and excludes the development of fungal colonies.

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Why Does Mold Appear On The Jam?

Winter blanks can deteriorate due to non-compliance with the cooking technology. For example, spoiled fruit got into the jam, or it was poorly cooked; not enough sugar added; jars and lids were not sterile, storage conditions were violated, and many other reasons.

First of all, the jam grows moldy under the lid, and over time, the spores grow deeper. The longer the jam is stored, the greater the risk that the product will spoil in the jar.

what to do if Mold in the jam?

what to do if Mold in the jam?

If the jam is only moldy on top, carefully remove the infected area with a spoon. At the same time, do not spare the workpiece, the mold formation must be captured as deep as possible so that the spore and mycelium remain as small as possible. After that, digest the product and pour it into a clean bowl.

IMPORTANT!!! Additional heat treatment, of course, destroys fungal colonies, but do not forget that mold not only spoils the appearance of the workpiece, affects the taste of the product, but can also cause various diseases.

Sometimes green mold can be observed on the jam. This type of fungus is called mycotoxin, which can cause some pretty serious health problems:

  • decreased immunity;
  • violation of the functions of the reproductive system;
  • pathological processes in the liver;
  • damage to the walls of blood vessels of the circulatory system.

Spoiled foods are not recommended to be eaten, especially since this should not be done for young children, elderly people, with reduced immunity.

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If it so happens that mold has entered the body, you need to neutralize the effect of toxins, for example, drink activated charcoal at a dosage of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. Drinking as much water as possible speeds up the process of removing toxins from the body. The appearance of any symptoms of poisoning is an indication for immediate gastric lavage and seeking medical attention.

What to do if you find mold in jam bought in a store?

Since jams of many brands are prepared on an industrial scale, the risk of contamination of the entire batch with mushroom spores is high. At the same time, buyers do not know the recipe of this product, which means that there is no way to correct the situation when digesting jam by adding sugar. Shop jam with mold is definitely subject to disposal.

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