How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet Without Heat? 5 Best Ways

Maintaining the original appearance of the carpet is a rather difficult and tedious task, and the appearance of stubborn wax stains can confuse even an experienced housewife.

How to get wax out of carpet without heat? In order for the process of removing traces of paraffin from soft fleecy floor coverings to pass quickly and to please with the quality, it is necessary to study in advance some methods of cleaning with improvised means or preparations of the chemical industry.

How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet Without Heat

How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet Without Heat?

In order for the process of removing wax stains from the carpet to be as safe as possible for a fleecy surface, it is necessary to study in advance the composition of the product and the cleaning conditions indicated on the manufacturer’s label. This information will help you find the right way to remove candle marks.

Everyone in the house has a variety of handy tools that can help remove wax marks from the carpet.

use Ice to Get Wax Out Of Carpet

The first thing to do if candle drops fall on the carpet is to freeze the wax.

For this, ice packs are pinned onto the paraffin spots and left until the wax is completely hardened.

Frozen candle traces are broken with a hammer, after which the debris is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

The remaining oily traces of paraffin can be cleaned with a soft sponge dipped in soapy water.

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Use Iron with paper napkin without direct heating

A hot iron will help you quickly and efficiently remove wax from the pile coating.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. The area of ​​the carpet with traces of a candle is covered with paper napkins.
  2. The napkins are ironed with a minimally heated iron for two minutes (the melted paraffin is easily absorbed into the paper). Change the napkins as they become dirty.
  3. The carpet cleaned from paraffin is additionally cleaned with a vacuum cleaner (it helps to remove the smallest particles of wax).

In no case should you iron the palace with an iron heated to the maximum temperature (the result of such actions will be the welded fibers and the final deterioration of the coating).

rubbing alcohol remove candle wax

The drug that everyone has in the first-aid kit – medical alcohol, will help quickly and without residue remove wax from the carpet.

The actions are simple: with a cotton pad, abundantly moistened with alcohol, gently wipe the candle marks on the carpet. Movements should be soft, unhurried.

Rough friction can cause the appearance of “bald patches” on the carpet (the fibers are wrinkled, lose their shape). Before cleaning colored carpets, the cleaning effect of alcohol should be tested on a small, inconspicuous area.

Salt, vinegar, and baking soda

A solution, the components of which can be found in any home, will help to quickly remove wax traces from the carpet.

Algorithm of actions:

  • baking soda, vinegar and table salt are mixed in a glass container in equal proportions;
  • the resulting product is applied to traces of wax and left to dry completely;
  • the dry mass together with wax particles is cleaned from the carpet using a vacuum cleaner or a brush.

A solution of soda, salt, and vinegar is cleaned off only after it has completely dried, otherwise, the wax stain will smear even more on the carpet.

ammonia and turpentine

A solution of turpentine and ammonia will help to quickly clean the palace from wax.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Turpentine and ammonia are mixed in a clean container (1: 1 ratio).
  2. The prepared product is treated with traces of paraffin, and left for at least thirty minutes.
  3. After that, the carpet is cleaned with a soft brush or sponge.

This method of removing wax stains is ideal for carpets and rugs in light shades.

How do I clean wax stains out off carpet?

How do I clean wax stains out off carpet?

In addition to paraffin, the composition of wax for depilation includes synthetic and wood resins, various oils. It would seem that it is impossible to remove such composition from the carpet, but if you use some tips, the cleaning will be quick and will please you with the high quality of the result.

The most important thing is not to let the paraffin soak into the pile of the carpet. Cleaning should be started immediately after the stain appears.

After the depilatory agent has got on the carpet, it must be covered with ice packs (you can use frozen products), thereby stopping the process of absorption and spreading of paraffin over the surface.

Already frozen particles of wax are scraped off with a blunt object (you can use a wooden ruler). If, after cleaning, the smallest particles of wax for depilation remain on the carpet, ironing them through a paper towel will help to remove them.

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Get Wax Out Of Carpet made of various materials Without Heat

When choosing a carpet cleaning method, it is very important to know what material it is made of. Understanding how to remove wax from various surfaces will help extend the life of your carpet:

  1. Wool carpets are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and prolonged contact with water (especially hot water). For natural wool carpets, local cleaning with ammonia, salt and soda or the freezing method is best.
  2. Synthetic carpets perfectly tolerate various kinds of cleaning (both folk remedies and chemical preparations).The only thing to remember is that synthetic carpets will lose their appearance if you brush the anti-lint coating with hard brushes or treat wax stains with boiling water.
  3. A jute carpet woven from plant fibers requires a special, careful attitude. Jute carpets can only be cleaned dry. It is strictly forbidden to use hot water, as under the influence of high temperature the jute fibers swell and the carpet loses its shape and strength.Freezing is the best way to remove wax stains from a natural jute coating. In a situation where the traces of the candle have soaked into the carpet, special cleaning agents will come to the rescue.

restrictions in cleaning carpets from wax

There are a number of restrictions in cleaning carpets from wax, ignoring which can cause permanent damage to the product:

  1. Do not heat the paraffin with the hot air of a hair dryer. The melted wax will be absorbed into the pile of the carpet, after which it will no longer be possible to perfectly clean the coating.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to tear off or scrape off the hardened wax from the carpet with sharp objects. Such actions will lead to the fact that bald spots appear on the soft pile coating.
  3. You should not use bleaching compounds for cleaning the carpet, cleaning agents for car interiors, floors, bathroom tiles. Such compositions are detrimental to the delicate, soft pile of the carpet.

If attempts to remove traces of wax have not been successful or there are doubts about the choice of cleaning method, the process of restoring the original appearance of the carpet should be entrusted to a professional dry cleaner.

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A competent and careful approach to get wax out of carpet without heat can minimize the time spent on achieving the desired result perfect carpet cleanliness.

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