Bathroom and kitchen sink clogged tried everything

The bathroom and kitchen sink are often clogged with food debris and grease, and in the bathroom, hair often causes stagnant water in the sink. While some are waiting for the plumbers to arrive, others are trying to remove the blockage in the sink on their own. Let discuss solutions for the bathroom and kitchen sink clogged tried everything.

 Kitchen Sink Clogged Tried Everything

Best solution for Kitchen Sink Clogged Tried Everything

There are several ways to eliminate the blockage in the sink, using improvised means, household chemicals, folk methods. Common methods: parsing a siphon, using a plunger and a plumbing cable.

unblock sink with plunger

A plunger is a handle with a rubber cup-shaped tip for mechanical cleaning of sewer pipes. With the help of a simple but effective device, even an inexperienced person can cope with the violation of the movement of water in pipes at home. The principle of operation of the plunger is to create a water hammer, which pushes the debris plug in the sewer, thereby clearing the gap in the pipe and restoring the free passage of water.

Cleaning the sewer with a plunger is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Plumbing is freed from foreign objects. If we are talking about a kitchen sink, dishes, sponges, scrapers are removed from it. Manually, using rubber gloves, clean the drain hole from food debris.
  2. A rubber suction cup is installed over the sink hole.
  3. With sharp movements, the plunger handle is pressed and returned to its original position. Several intense presses made 5-6 times in a row, with the help of water jolts, will break through the blockage and the water will leave.
  4. After removing the dirt, flush the drain with a large volume of hot water.

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unblock sink with wire or cable

The next device for cleaning sewer pipes is a plumbing cable. The object is a special cable, at one end of which a drill or brush is attached, and on the other side, there is a handle for easy scrolling inside the drain pipe.

unblock sink with wire or cable

To remove the blockage in the sink with wire or cable, you need:

  • Insert the end of the cable with a drill or a special brush into the drain hole of the sink and gently push it deep into the drain pipe, turning the device clockwise. It will be more convenient for two people to perform the cleaning: one directs the cable to the sewer, the other rotates the handle;
  • after the introduction of a sufficient length of the cable, it is necessary to move it back and forth and pull it out;
  • flush the drain with a sufficient amount of hot water;
  • wash and roll up the cable.

unblock badly clogged sink

You can unblock badly clogged sinks by removing the siphon. Unscrewing parts and cleaning plumbing under the sink is a trouble-free method of eliminating water obstruction, which is mostly used by men. To unscrew the coupling and disconnect the siphon reservoir made of PVC or stainless steel, you will need to apply force or use an adjustable wrench.

To clean the siphon, you must:

  1. Place a basin or bucket under your bathroom sink or kitchen sink.
  2. Unscrew the lower part of the reservoir. If the debris is found above this section, unscrew the coupling connecting the middle part of the tank with the part of the pipe leading to the sink.
  3. Remove accumulated dirt from the sump and the washbasin connection pipe, rinse it with water.
  4. Install the siphon component in place and screw on the coupling.
  5. Flush the drain by pouring a significant amount of hot water into the drain hole.

If the cleaning did not work or the tank with the nozzle turned out to be clean, it should be assumed that the blockage has formed further in the sewer pipe. In this case, you can use a plumbing cable and clean the distant sections of the sewer system.

Siphons can be made of different materials and have different configurations, but the principle of the structure of all types is similar. Mechanical and manual methods of removing contamination in pipes will not differ.

What chemicals do you use to unclog a sink?

You can quickly and effortlessly remove a strong blockage in the sink at home by using a special chemical agent. Manufacturers of household chemicals offer a wide range of products that contain substances that can dissolve a mud plug in a sewer pipe.

What chemicals do you use to unclog a sink?

These funds can be in liquid, gel, or powder form, the active ingredient is strong acids and alkalis. The composition of household chemicals for cleaning pipes must be taken into account when removing a blockage in a sink made of artificial or natural stone, porcelain stoneware, enamel sink, or bath.

Some housewives use pipe cleaners to clean up a capricious stone and ceramic surfaces that absorb dyes and get dirty quickly. Light-colored products acquire their pristine whiteness in a matter of minutes, but caustic alkalis and aggressive acids gradually corrode the upper layer of the material, thereby increasing its ability to absorb. The enamel loses its gloss and becomes susceptible to the penetration of dirt.

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how to unclog sink with chemicals?

When using a chemical cleaner to remove a blockage from a sink or tub, empty or put sink cleaner product into the drain, being careful not to get onto the surface of the sanitary appliance.

Let discuss different chemical composition bathroom or kitchen sink clogged remover

caustic soda, acetic acid, and surfactants

An inexpensive and effective method based on caustic soda, acetic acid, and surfactants. It is better to fill the pipes at night, the agent has a slow action.

Gels containing sodium hydroxide

Sold in the form of a gel and granules. The composition includes sodium hydroxide. Copes with light blockages within 1 hour.

potassium alkali, caustic soda, and chlorine

The gel-type sewer pipe cleaner is highly effective and has an acceptable odor. The composition includes potassium alkali, caustic soda, and chlorine. The action time is 30-60 minutes, depending on the degree of clogging. It is used for cleaning plastic and metal pipes.

caustic soda and surfactants

The product contains caustic soda and surfactants. Copes with mild food blockages cleans the pipes from fat and hair. Differs in an acceptable odor. Works within 1-2 hours. Eliminates unpleasant odors. Suitable for pipes made of different materials.

chlorine and surfactants.

The thick, gel-like sink cleaner will penetrate the dirt even if the sink is full of water. Works within 5-30 minutes. Tiret composition: chlorine and surfactants.

powder based on surfactants

Effective powder based on surfactants. It requires caution when using, reacts with hot water instantly, and removes a strong blockage within 3 minutes. It is used for metal pipes, plastic.

soda ash

Granular powder based on soda ash, packaged in disposable sachets. Does not have a strong odor. Action time 30-60 minutes.

blue granules containing caustic soda

An effective and inexpensive product in the form of blue granules, packaged in disposable sachets. The active ingredient is caustic soda. Action time 15 minutes.

clogged kitchen sink home remedy

You can also clean clogged kitchen sink pipes with home remedies.

clogged kitchen sink home remedy

unclog kitchen sink with baking soda and vinegar

Half a glass of baking soda is poured into the drain. Then the same amount of 9% table vinegar is poured, and the hole is closed with a plug. After 20-30 minutes, when the solution has completed its task, it is necessary to remove the plug and pour at least 3 liters of hot water.

clean drain with Alka-Seltzer

The drug is intended for the treatment of alcoholic hangovers. However, its composition makes it possible to eliminate simple contamination in the pipes. The tablets contain aspirin, citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). To solve the problem of water obstruction in the sink, you need to put 2-3 tablets in the hole and fill them with 0.5 glass of vinegar. After 30 minutes, the drain is rinsed well with hot water.

use vacuum to unclog Sinks

A powerful vacuum cleaner equipped with a blower will help to remove the formed plug in the sewer elbow. Its pipe is wrapped in rags, installed in the drain hole and the blowing function is activated. A sharp stream of air will push the blockage through and free the pipe.

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In order not to have to deal with persistent blockages in the bathroom and kitchen sinks and sewage system, it is recommended to regularly (once every two weeks) remove fat deposits, food debris, hair, and other contaminants in the lumen of the pipe. If the bathroom or kitchen sink clogged you tried everything you can use above described home remedies or specialized means.

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