Is Steam Cleaning Effective: Advantages and Disadvantages

Cleaning furniture with a steam cleaner is a gentle, steam cleaning is effective alternative to household chemicals that helps get rid of contaminants of various compositions and degrees of complexity. The steam removes stains, dust, without exerting an aggressive mechanical effect on the treated area. At the same time, microbes, bacteria, and allergens are neutralized.

Is Steam Cleaning Effective

Is Steam Cleaning Effective in furniture cleaning

Steam can be applied to all types of surfaces in the house, for which high temperatures are not dangerous for their appearance. Suitable for processing are metal, ceramic, plastic, textile items, and parts. Regular deep cleaning requires upholstered furniture, pillows, carpets, mattresses. Mites, dangerous to health, hide in their fillers. It is recommended to carry out the procedure at least once a year.

The steam cleaner will quickly return the fabrics to cleanliness and kill the parasites inside. Professional devices are capable of penetrating inside to a depth of 10 cm. The method makes it possible to destroy any household pollution of organic origin: grease, hair, street dirt.

Upholstery material that can withstand steam cleaning:

  • eco-leather;
  • velours;
  • matting;
  • flock;
  • suede leather;
  • chenille;
  • Genuine Leather;
  • velvet;
  • synthetic materials;
  • tapestry;
  • jacquard;
  • arpatek;
  • faux fur.

Natural wool, flax must not be exposed to the steam cleaner.

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advantages and disadvantages steam cleaning

advantages and disadvantages steam cleaning

The modern method of cleaning furniture is considered the best and most versatile among professionals. The steam cleaner, which is used for surface treatment, has a number of useful functions and is able to easily cope with various complex tasks.

advantages of steam cleaning

Steam cleaning of furniture has the following benefits:

  • suitable for all types of surfaces;
  • does not require a lot of time and physical labor;
  • professionally removes most types of dirt;
  • carries out disinfection;
  • eliminates unpleasant odor;
  • does not require the use of chemicals;
  • differs in environmental safety;
  • steam does not leave wet and dirty streaks;
  • penetrates into hard-to-reach places.

disadvantages of steam cleaning

The main disadvantage is the cost of professional equipment or dry cleaning services. Simple steam iron or vacuum cleaner cannot replace a professional steam generator. The device has high power, which increases the efficiency of cleaning the furniture.

The Karcher technique has good characteristics for home use. In the assortment of the manufacturer, you can choose the optimal high-quality device at an affordable price. Taking care of its customers, Karcher has developed new unique equipment that combines the properties of a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner for furniture. This model significantly reduces the cleaning time, there is a simultaneous absorption of dirt, surface cleaning, drying.

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Is steam cleaning a couch good? How to steam couch?

 How to steam couch?

Upholstered home furniture consists of a dense layer of inner filler and upper upholstery. Stains from juice, food, watercolor paint remain on the fabric, penetrate deep inside. After some time, greasy stains, hair, dirt are found in the place. A steam cleaner can easily restore the cleanliness and appearance of the sofa and couch. It is necessary to properly clean, following the instructions.

Steam clean hard to reach places in couch

For high-quality processing of upholstered furniture, different types of attachments may be required. Sofas are angular, straight, and dirt must be removed everywhere. For smooth surfaces, rounded, flat brushes work well. They have a large steam supply area, which helps to clean faster.

For hard-to-reach places, it is necessary to use conical narrow nozzles.

Choosing steam cleaner detergent

If there is visible dirt on upholstered home furniture, greasy areas, you can use specialized detergents. Select chemical products strictly according to the type of fabric.

There is a wide range of cleaning products for carpets, sofas. Powders are diluted to the state of a paste or foam, applied to the stained area, and left for some time to act. Remove residues with clean water, then steam.

It is possible to use the steam generator for cleaning upholstered furniture only after the moisture has completely dried out. For the device, you must use the tools specified in the manufacturer’s manual.

How to steam clean couch or sofa?

Cleaning is carried out in sections; do not spray the entire perimeter of the sofa with a nozzle at once. All removable pieces of furniture, pillows are removed, steam-treated individually.

Before starting work, it is recommended to clean the sofa with a steam cleaner in a small inconspicuous area below. An extensive cleaning can only be undertaken if the upholstery has not changed color and texture.

Steam clean couch or sofa step-by-step instruction:

  1. Pre-remove debris and debris from the furniture. A vacuum cleaner will help to cope with the task.
  2. Pour clean water into a special container of the device. For steam generators, filtered water purified from various impurities is recommended.
  3. If the dirt is heavy or the instructions for the device indicate the need to use a special detergent for cleaning, add it to the water tank.
  4. Switch on the steam generator.
  5. Gently drive the nozzle, immediately blot the treated area with microfiber cloths. If the stain persists, repeat the procedure several times. It is important to monitor the steam pressure so as not to over-wet the textiles.
  6. First, the main part of the sofa is cleaned, then difficult, narrow places. For this purpose, a cone-shaped small nozzle is used. It must be driven with a change in the angle of inclination, from top to bottom. For the best effect, the fabric on the furniture must be stretched.

steam cleaning tips techniques

Helpful hints:

  • it is recommended to keep the steam generator parallel to the surface to be treated;
  • with the steam regulation function, the pressure must be controlled. The more delicate, softer the upholstery on upholstered furniture, the weaker the flow;
  • for greasy, greasy stains, the following removal method is recommended: direct the steam generator nozzle to the dirty area from the bottom up, blowing out dirt particles;
  • after completion of work, the condition of the surface is necessarily checked. If there is too much moisture in it, blot with paper towels or napkins.

Does steam cleaning leave things wet?

You can avoid getting your furniture wet with a steam cleaner with a built-in vacuum cleaner. It works on the principle of a combination of dry/wet cleaning. It takes several minutes to dry the surface.

Regular care and cleaning with steam will extend the life of the sofa and protect it from the growth of dangerous microbes and mites.

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Upholstered furniture looks respectable, adds a touch of coziness, warmth of comfort to the living room interior. Due to active use, leather, textile upholstery quickly deteriorates, gets rubbed, gets dirty. Steam cleaning is effective and will help to restore the lost appearance, eliminate unpleasant odors. Thanks to the steam generator, cleaning is effortless.

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