how to get foundation out of clothes?

It can be difficult to wash foundation from clothes, regular washing does not help and traces remain. Need special tools or the use of popular advice. If you follow the recommendations on how to get foundation out of clothes? you can easily get rid of the problem.

How To Get Foundation Out Of Clothes?

How To Get Foundation Out Of Clothes?

It is difficult to wash the foundation off the shirt, but it is possible with the right approach. Knowing the nuances of handling different types of fabrics and stains will help solve the problem and return things to their former freshness.

There are 2 ways to get rid of foundation or makeup stains on a T-shirt or trousers:

  1. Wash. You will have to use not a simple powder, but a special stain remover or soap with special properties.
  2. Dry method. Suitable for those who are not going to wash the spoiled thing at the moment, but want to wipe off the dirt. A solid stain remover or improvised household products will do ammonia, soda, refined gasoline.

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how to get foundation out of white clothes?

It is possible to wipe off the foundation from light, white clothes, but the composition of the fabric must be taken into account. To fight stains on things made from natural materials, a regular bleach like “Whiteness” is suitable. Chlorine, which is part of the composition, will not violate the integrity of the fibers and will effectively cope with the foundation, making the dress or other thing snow-white.

To remove traces of greasy cream, it is recommended to use dishwashing detergent. It is abundantly applied to the treated area, rubbed. The thing is left for 30 minutes. The active ingredients will destroy the structure of the cream; it can be easily washed off with ordinary powder.

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Copes with the task of removing stains from the foundation ammonia with soda. They act like this:

  1. Soak the contamination abundantly with alcohol diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Leave the thing in this state for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Cover the site with soda. Leave for 15 minutes.
  3. Wash in the usual way without soaking.

You can remove the toner with laundry soap. The thing is moistened with water, liberally soaped, washed. Then it must be thoroughly rinsed under running water. If the stain did not have time to penetrate deeply, it will easily come off a light-colored item.

how to get foundation out of colored clothes?

How To Get Foundation Out Of Colored Clothes

Dark, brightly colored jackets, trousers and blouses must be handled with care. It is easy to ruin the dyed fabrics, it is more difficult to remove the foundation from them. It is strictly forbidden to use gels and other products with chlorine. Proven folk methods will come to the rescue:

  • solution of ammonia, alcohol. You need to act according to the same algorithm as with white clothes;
  • baby or laundry soap, but for delicate fabrics. The thing is washed under running warm water;
  • dishwashing liquid;
  • makeup remover cosmetics. Micellar water is also fine. Proceed carefully so as not to smear the tone on the fabric. Wipe off the dirt with a cotton pad from the center to the edges.

how to get foundation out of fabric?

The success of getting rid of tone on clothes depends on the type of materials with which you have to work. Different fibers are handled differently:

  • fur. If the foundation left marks on a jacket with a collar, down jacket or fur coat, rubbing alcohol will help. They moisten a cotton pad with it, wash cosmetics;
  • fleecy woolen fabrics, delicate silk. These materials are capricious and hand wash is recommended to prevent deformation. Starch will help clear them. It is poured onto the stain, the clothes are left to lie down for 5-10 minutes. Then the dirt is cleaned with a brush. The starch particles absorb the greasy cream, then they are brushed off the clothes. The procedure can be repeated;
  • how to get the foundation out of white cotton. It is soaked in a stain remover, washed with a powder that has a whitening effect;
  • synthetics. A proven way to remove makeup from unnatural fabrics is to soak in hot water and a mild liquid stain remover for 4-5 hours. They act strictly according to the instructions;
  • Get foundation out of jeans, dense materials. To remove cream from a jacket, sweater, pants, use refined gasoline or alcohol. Rub gently, especially from dark jeans, they quickly lose color. Small fresh stains can be removed with makeup remover or stain remover.

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How do you get makeup off clothes fast?

The tactics for dealing with old and new stains are different. There are no uniform instructions, you need to act according to the circumstances.

If trouble is caught outside the house, you will have to get rid of the foundation with improvised means. Standard wet wipes will help to cope with newly appeared stains. If there are no special ones for removing dirt and cosmetics, any that have alcohol in the impregnation will do. Erase the stain without pressure, moving from the center to the edges. You can replace the wipes with makeup remover. The main thing is that it is not greasy.

If possible, it is recommended to wash off the new stain immediately with a special soap. You shouldn’t just wash a thing without stain removers. There is a risk of not taking it out the first time and transferring it to the category of old.

You will have to tinker with the old foundation, but you can really get rid of it. The main thing is to take into account the composition of the cosmetic product being processed. Do not try to wash it off with standard powder. Dense, greasy creams go deep into the fibers. It is more difficult to remove them over time. Degreasers and household chemicals for washing dishes will help. The gels are applied in a dense layer on clothes, left for 20 minutes. Foam the product with a thick brush and rub. After these manipulations, the clothes are not sent to the washing machine but are soaked in warm water with the powder.

You can get rid of the old foundation at home using the old risky but effective method. The method is suitable for cleaning items to be boiled. A high-quality washing powder is poured into a deep container and 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil are added. Then the item is boiled for an hour, left in water until it cools down, and rinsed in warm running water.


All stain control methods will have an effect if used in a timely manner and wisely even can get foundation out of clothes. When dealing with a stain, consider the nature and the type of fabric to be cleaned. It is necessary to wash off the stains from cosmetics quickly so that you do not have to remove the old marks. If you use high-quality stain removers, the problem will be easy to deal with.

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