how to clean stained kitchen towels?

It is kitchen towels that become stained and greasy most quickly, losing their attractiveness before our eyes. You can use home remedies to restore freshness and cleanliness to fabrics. The most affordable and effective of these is soda.

If you are the person who always uses their kitchen towels until they are dirty, then you are really missing out. It can be hard to keep up with cleaning them all the time and you do not want them to get stained. However, this article is going to show you how to clean stained kitchen towels?

Clean Stained Kitchen Towels

is baking soda good for removing stains?

Two types of soda are suitable for washing and bleaching:

  • food (sometimes also called tea), or sodium bicarbonate, it is also sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3);
  • calcined, known as sodium carbonic acid (Na2CO3).

The second option is more aggressive, so rubber gloves should not be neglected when working with it. In case of contact with eyes, nose, or mouth, rinse thoroughly.

Any soda effectively copes even with stubborn stains, absorbs unpleasant odors well, whitens, disinfects. It can be added to washing powder for bleaching.

For thin, soft fabrics and light stains, use less harmful baking soda, and use calcined powder to treat only stubborn stains on heavy, dense fabrics. Advantages of the product over factory bleach: low cost, safety both for humans and for the integrity of things, a wide range of applications due to its universal properties.

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How To Clean Stained Kitchen Towels? Baking Soda

Before washing, kitchen towels are soaked for 5-6 hours in washing powder, adding soda (5 tablespoons) to the solution. This will help get rid of the grease.

But the option is only suitable for white fabrics. Colored ones may fade during the soaking process. It is better for them to choose another remedy.

Towels are immersed in the solution dry so that moisture does not interfere with the breakdown of grease and dirt.

How do you use vinegar and baking soda to clean a towel?

Alkali combined with acid perfectly removes stains (wine, sauce, food coloring, etc.), and also restores the attractiveness of linen fabrics.

How do you use vinegar and baking soda to clean a towel

Soda is applied to the pollution, poured with vinegar on top to make a gruel. It is rubbed in a circular motion from the center of the spot to the edges. Allow to dry, then wash in any convenient way.

With dish detergent

Since the main function of dishwashing detergent is to remove grease, it can handle dirty kitchen towels as well. Additionally softening the aggressive effect of alkali on the fabric.

Dissolve detergent and soda (3 tbsp. L.) In hot water, then soak textiles in it and leave for a couple of hours. Wash the towels twice (after the first cycle, rinse thoroughly in clean water).

how to clean greasy kitchen towels With ammonia and baking soda?

A wonderful way to bleach kitchen towels and get rid of yellowness is based on the addition of ammonia. Just do not use this method too often, otherwise, the fibers of the material will quickly become thinner.

Warm water is poured into the basin, baking soda (10 tbsp) and ammonia (5 tbsp) are dissolved in it. Towels are immersed in the solution and left for 4-5 hours (you can overnight). Wash, rinse and dry.

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hydrogen peroxide: Does hydrogen peroxide bleach Kitchen towels?

This substance also gets rid of yellowness and grayness, which can appear as a result of regular washings.

Soda (4-5 tbsp. L.) And hydrogen peroxide 3% (50-70 ml) are dissolved in hot water. The textiles are soaked for thirty minutes, after which they are rinsed in cool water and washed.

How To wash Stained Kitchen Towels with soda in the machine

When washing, soda powder acts not only as a bleach and stain remover but also as a conditioner, since it makes the fabric soft and also relieves it of unpleasant odors.

How To wash Stained Kitchen Towels with soda in the machine

White. If white and light-colored towels are not very dirty, they can be machine washed without presoaking and without powder. Instead, 2-3 tbsp is poured into the appropriate department. l. soda ash and select a high-temperature mode. In case of heavy dirt and high wear of the fabric, it is necessary to pre-soak, and only then wash in a specified way. This option will return the whiteness of the fabric and relieve unpleasant odors.

Terry. These towels strongly absorb odors and keep dirt with their lint. To remove stains from them, to restore freshness and softness to the material, terry kitchen towels are soaked in a solution of soda and salt (5 liters of warm water for 2 tablespoons of soda and 3 tablespoons of fine salt). After 45 minutes, wash with hands or in a delicate wash mode, adding another 1 tbsp to the powder. l. soda. Rinse thoroughly.

Salted. Greasy towels are pre-soaked in a solution of soda ash and powder (5 liters of hot water + 1 tablespoon of soda + 1 tablespoon of powder) for 4 hours. After that, they are washed in the usual way with powder and soda in the same proportions, rinsed out.

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Washing machine recipes

The easiest way is to add baking soda or soda ash to the powder. Usually, 2-3 tbsp is enough for one wash. But there are also more effective ways.

With addition of vinegar

This method will help eliminate even stubborn odors.

The powder is poured into the detergent container, 9% vinegar (100 ml) is poured into the conditioner compartment. Kitchen towels are placed in the drum, and soda (100 g) is poured into the same. The wash is carried out in the cotton mode at 60 ° C.

You can prepare the conditioner in advance: a glass of soda is mixed with 1.2 liters of 9% vinegar. Add any essential oil with a pleasant smell (5 drops). Stir and transfer to a suitable bottle or jar. Store the mixture under a lid. When washing, add 50 ml.

how to get stains out of colored towels?

Luscious colored fabrics can be preserved with a home conditioner.

  1. A bar of laundry soap (50 g) is rubbed on a coarse grater and poured into water (1 l) in a saucepan.
  2. The soap is completely dissolved over low heat, for which it is constantly stirred.
  3. Remove the container from the heat and add soda (100 g), mix.
  4. Plain green tea (150 ml) is brewed and poured into the mixture.
  5. The product is cooled, poured into a bottle or jar with a lid.

For one wash, 100 ml of the mixture must be added directly to the drum of the washing machine.

How do you wash towels with borax?

Two detergents can be prepared from these components and used as needed. Borax provides additional disinfection.

Washing gel. Laundry soap (150 g) is rubbed on a coarse grater. Add to boiling water (1 L), stirring vigorously. When the soap is completely dissolved, add soda (200 g), followed by borax powder (200 g). Remove from heat and allow to cool. Pour into a container with a cork. For washing in a machine, 4 tbsp is enough. l. such a gel.

Washing powder. Laundry soap (250 g) is rubbed on a fine grater. It is better if it is dry, otherwise, the cutting surfaces will quickly clog. Soap shavings should be very fine, down to crumbs. It is mixed with washing powder, soda, and brown (125 g of each product) and poured into a container with a lid. This mixture can be poured directly into the drum with things, 125 g is enough for one wash.

With vegetable oil

The recipe seems strange, but it has been tested by the hostesses for a long time, and invariably gets rave reviews. White towels get a second life (whiteness returns to washed fabrics), and all stains are removed from colored ones, while the fabric does not fade. The method is most effective for removing greasy stains, but it works well with other stains as well.

Sunflower oil (3 tablespoons), baking soda (1-2 tablespoons) and washing powder (1 glass) are dissolved in boiling water (5 l). Dip tea towels in the mixture and leave for several hours, or overnight. After that, they are washed as usual. You can enhance the color saturation with a drop of vinegar.On a note. The oil should be added last. Otherwise, a film will form, which will prevent the dissolution of soda and powder.

how to wash kitchen towels by hand?

Linen and cotton, due to the density of the structure and relief of the products, are more convenient to wash in a machine. Terry or bamboo kitchen towels, on the other hand, will retain their attractive appearance longer when hand washed.

You can soften, get rid of dirt, restore the freshness of the fabric in a simple way: dissolve soda ash (1 tbsp) in warm water (7 l). Soak textiles, leave until morning. Wash by hand with laundry soap in the morning.

how to wash kitchen towels by hand?

Soda and salt

Previously, kitchen towels are soaked in hot water (7 liters) with the addition of soda (2-3 tablespoons) and fine salt (3 tablespoons) for one hour. After that, they are washed by hand with powder or laundry soap.

Soda with laundry soap

The effectiveness of laundry soap has been tested over the years: it perfectly cleans dirt, and in tandem with soda makes textiles clean, fresh, bleached.

A non-standard approach for light contamination: the product is wetted, thoroughly soaped, and put in a bag. Pour a tablespoon of soda into it, shake it up and rinse the bag so that the alkali is evenly distributed over the fabric. Fold tightly and leave for an hour, then rinse and wash with soap and water.

Rub the laundry soap (1/2 bar) on a grater, pour hot water (7 l), add soda ash (2 tbsp. L.). The towels are poured into the solution and left to cool. Hand wash and rinse well.

Boiling with soda: How do you boil towels?

For boiling, take soda ash. This method is used, for example, for allergies to washing powder. Dirty, yellowed, and greasy kitchen towels will look like new.

You can use the boil function in the washing machine, but if this is not provided, you need to prepare a large saucepan, and enamel basin, and wooden tongs, or a long stick for stirring textiles.

  1. Fill the pot halfway with warm water.
  2. Pour a handful of soda and soap shavings from half a standard bar of laundry soap.
  3. Stir until the ingredients are completely dissolved.
  4. They load dirty towels, set them to boil.
  5. After boiling, the gas is reduced to a minimum and the fire is kept for another 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  6. Take out and machine washed with bleach.
  7. Lightly starch when rinsing.

If you add ammonia (1 tbsp) to the recipe, the towels are boiled for 40-120 minutes. After that, you can not wash them, but simply let the solution cool and rinse thoroughly by hand or in a typewriter.

Life hacks. For boiling, a volumetric container is set up, which is not used for anything else. Immediately after digestion, the contents are wrapped together with the pan so that the heat goes away as slowly as possible.

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soda stains removing recipe for kitchen towels?

The homemade product copes with yellowness and stains of various origins.

  1. Water (1 cup) is brought to a boil in a small enamel saucepan.
  2. Pour soda ash (1/4 cup), mix thoroughly.
  3. Add 3% hydrogen peroxide (1/2 cup).
  4. A two-liter bottle with a spray bottle is filled with 1.5 liters of warm water, the prepared mixture is poured and shaken well.

Before washing, it is necessary to sprinkle the solution on stains and yellowing, leave for 10 minutes (for stubborn stains that are difficult to remove – 1-2 hours), then wash.

Another option: mix 1 tbsp in a bag. l. soda, salt, and washing powder. Place towels there. Tie up the bag and rinse the contents well. After an hour, wash as usual.

Lifehack. A gruel of water and baking soda, applied to the burn marks, dried, and brushed off with a stiff brush, helps to lighten or remove them without a trace.

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