home remedy to remove mold from wallpaper

Nobody needs to be told what agony of choice we go through when we choose a new wallpaper for our apartment. We bought it, glued it, and after a while, we notice how dark spots appeared in some places. Congratulations, this is nothing more than mold on the wallpaper. What to do in this case and what is the best Home Remedy To Remove Mold From Wallpaper? for cleaning mold read further.

Home Remedy To Remove Mold From Wallpaper

What are Causes of mold on wallpaper?

Disputes are constantly present in the apartment, but spread only under favorable circumstances:

  • high humidity;
  • insufficient ventilation;
  • poorly executed waterproofing of external walls;
  • lack of sunlight.

Most often, the points listed above are “performed” in corner rooms, as there is a temperature drop between the inner wall of the room and the outer wall of the house. Condensation is released, humidity rises and as a result, dark dots (foci) first appear, which then develop into streaks of black mold.

  1. Monitor the temperature in the house!
    • The air should be dry enough, but not critical, so as not to worsen the health of the residents.
  2. Eliminate additional sources of moisture!
    • Any roof leaks, condensation on windows, faulty taps and pipes.
  3. Dry and store your clothes properly!
    • It is highly undesirable to dry linen in the apartment, this increases the humidity in the room several times.
    • Before folding your clothes and linen, make sure that the linen is dry, and even better, ironed.
  4. Check the hood in the kitchen!
    • When cooking, cover the pots with lids, the hood must be turned on. All the steam that forms during boiling settles on the walls and ceiling, which also contributes to the spread of the fungus.

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Is it possible to remove mold from the wallpaper yourself

Getting rid of mold under and on wallpaper is not easy, but possible. The fact is that the fungus is not only on the surface of the walls, but also grows into their thickness. The main colonies of mold can be located under wallpaper, on plaster, brick.

Home Remedy To Remove Mold From Wallpaper

If the scale of the lesion has not yet reached a critical level (20% of the surfaces of the dwelling), then try to remove the mold from the wallpaper without ripping it off using folk methods that can be found in any home:

  • baking soda;
  • table vinegar;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • ammonia;
  • household chemicals, which include chlorine (Domestos, Whiteness).

For soda treatment, prepare a solution of 1 tsp. soda per 200 ml of water. Apply the product to the wallpaper with a soft sponge. Repeat the procedure several times if necessary.

Table vinegar will also help remove mildew from your wallpaper. There is no need to dilute the vinegar before applying, just apply it with a sponge or spray with a spray bottle. One hour after applying the product, rinse with clean water and ventilate the room. This way you can still get rid of the unpleasant smell of dampness.

And for those “lucky ones” who suffer from allergies, hydrogen peroxide is suitable, because it has no smell. The 3% peroxide solution does not need to be diluted either. But if you take a 6% solution, then you run the risk of whitening the drawing on your beautiful wallpaper.

Ammonia is also an excellent remedy for mold, but it has a pungent smell, even when diluted with water (1 part of ammonia accounts for 2 parts of water). Therefore, apply the product only in a well-ventilated area, or even better, wear a respirator (mask) to protect the respiratory tract.

Whiteness not only cleans the surface of mold stains but also whitens. This property will help remove mildew from white wallpaper.

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How to get rid of mold under the wallpaper?

It depends on the type of wallpaper. If mold appears under the paper wallpaper, then the only way out will be a cosmetic repair with a complete replacement of the old wallpaper with new ones.

You can remove mold from non-woven or vinyl wallpaper by lifting the edge of the canvas and treating it with a special agent Home Remedy To Remove Mold From Wallpaper.

Household chemicals offer a variety of anti-mold products.

Preventing Mould On Wallpaper

Preventing Mould On Wallpaper

Quite often, removing the fungus is a lot of hassle. Sometimes mold remains under the wallpaper even after cosmetic repairs. It is necessary not only to change the wallpaper, but also to remove the infected layer of plaster to the brick, and to process it with special chemicals.

And finally, a few simple tips:

  • daily ventilation of the premises – it would be great to install a special forced ventilation system;
  • elimination of the formation of droplets of moisture on the walls;
  • slopes around windows should be treated with an anti-mold agent and painted with water-repellent paint;
  • furniture should not fit snugly against the wall, the clearance is needed for air circulation;

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