Best Home Carpet Cleaning Methods

Cleaning your carpet at home means keeping it fresh and clean using commonly available products and home carpet cleaning methods. Carpets are popular home decor item that decorates and adds coziness. With all the positive aspects of the presence of such coatings, the question arises of cleaning these products from accumulating contaminants.

Home Carpet Cleaning Methods

how often should clean your carpet?

Carpet cleaning at home is the process of giving freshness to textile products using improvised and available means. The main purpose of cleaning is to remove dirt and stains, and most often unpleasant odors.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the location of the carpet hallway, corridor, room. The role is played by the composition of natural, wool, silk, or synthetic materials. It is necessary to regularly clean the product if there are small children in the apartment. Pet, dust, and other conditions transform carpets into a kind of dust accumulator that can cause allergic reactions and put stress on the immune system.

It is not difficult to clean the carpet 1-2 times a week, it will help to cope with simple dirt dust, and fine litter. For synthetic and semi-synthetic, it is recommended to carry out wet cleaning, which can be handled at home by a weekly Karcher assistant, or another washing vacuum cleaner.

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how often should you deep clean your carpet?

To clean deep dirt of the carpet, animal hair, dust mite, special preparations will help at home. It is necessary to carry out such cleaning at least twice a year.

how often should you deep clean your carpet?

Chemicals for home carpet cleaning

Modern chemical means for cleaning carpets will not only help to bring back bright colors, but will give silkiness, shine, and a pleasant smell.

The most famous and available components:

  1. The shampoo you can use to manually clean your carpet at home is Vanish. It is dissolved in warm water, shaking until foamy. Using a brush, it is necessary to apply foam, and then clean it using a vacuum cleaner. Vanish handles fresh stains and dust with ease. After cleaning at home, the carpet will delight you with fresh paints and a pleasant smell, which can be safely attributed to the advantages of this product. The disadvantages include the high cost and the fact that this tool does not always remove old and stubborn stains, sometimes there are stains after washing and a pungent smell, which not everyone likes.
  2. Active foams for cleaning carpet are not preferred due to their high cost and impracticality. The eco-friendly composition of the Nordland brand is a godsend for allergy sufferers. This foam belongs to European standards, it can easily cope with medium pollution. Ease of use at home, practically dry cleaning, removal of light and medium dirt are the advantages of this product. The disadvantages are: high cost, high consumption; not eliminating deep dirt at home.
  3. The best value for money, according to customer reviews, is shampoo Carpets. A product released by a domestic manufacturer at a fairly low price for 500 ml. It can be used both diluted and undiluted. At home, it is effective, can be used while cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner; eliminates static electricity, has a neutral odor. Consumers do not express negative reviews, complaints. Cleaning carpet at home works well.
  4. Stubborn stains and severe stains can be cleaned with Help’s inexpensive carpet cleaner. It is applied directly to the contaminated area. The advantages of this productare: effective result; the ability to wash complex contaminants; low cost; convenient for home use, has a spray. Disadvantages: cannot be used without hand protection; it is not applied to the entire surface, but only to individual pollution; not pleasant, acrid smell.

The chemicals listed above are the most popular and have earned the respect of conscientious housewives.

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Home Carpet Cleaning Methods

In the event that the use of chemical components at home is impossible, according to convictions, or the price does not suit, it is still possible to clean the carpet with home remedies. However, these funds should be used with caution, having previously tested on a small, invisible fragment.

How To Clean A Natural Fiber Rug?

How To Clean A Natural Fiber Rug?

Floor coverings of natural materials wool, silk, felt, viscose, you can clean it yourself, but with care. The fibers of these coatings do not tolerate moisture, so, for example, to clean a woolen carpet at home, it is worth remembering that heavy woolen products are difficult to dry. If the item is still wet, it is better to dry it on a flat surface in a ventilated area, or on a solid (metal) crossbar.

Drying at home on a clothesline is not permissible the products are deformed and lose their appearance.

Felt products are easily dyed with dyes, hard brushes can spoil the integrity of the fibers in the product. A silk white carpet is best dry cleaned.

How to Clean Synthetic Carpet?

Synthetic coatings of various shades, often light. To clean a light carpet at home, you should remember preparations that can be dyed (tea), about substances that can bleach (laundry soap, lemon). Before cleaning the product at home, consider the variety of fiber lengths in the products. Long-pile carpets are laborious to vacuum clean. Soap-suds will cope with focal spots, but it is better to resort to a professional technique. Short-pile carpets on the floor are unpretentious in maintenance, even hair can be easily removed from them.

The winter cleaning method is effective against house parasites and unpleasant odors:

  1. In winter, small debris and other contaminants fly off from the carpet stretched out in the snow, using an ordinary broom for cleaning the premises, sweeping the snow mass and sweeping away.
  2. After “bathing” in the snow, the rug is best knocked out or shaken out. The fresh winter smell will delight you with its purity.
natural carpet cleaner baking soda

natural carpet cleaner baking soda

You can clean it with soda at home:

  1. Soda is used by housewives as a cleaner for various products, including for cleaning carpets.
  2. At home, you need to mix 100 g of soda and 5 liters of non-hot water. Leave to dry for about 30 minutes, then clean with a regular vacuum cleaner. If the product is fluffy, you can add salt.

The product is capable of washing off dirt on the carpet, giving it shine under proper conditions.

vinegar on carpet to remove odor

Vinegar is popular. It is necessary to use it in a domestic environment with caution, but the result will not be left to wait, and the palace will acquire its original palette. The product must be vacuumed before cleaning.

For 1 liter of water 15 ml, applied along with the pile of a home carpet with a soft sponge, brush, preferably natural composition, then clean. Wait 30 minutes and dry damp areas with a sponge, then vacuum and remember to ventilate the room.

carpet cleaning with ammonia

A prepared mixture of 10 ml of ammonia, 0.5 liters of water, and 5 g of powder for washing clothes can clean the product from any stain. The remnants of the mixture are thoroughly washed off from the treated place and must be dried. It is unacceptable to leave moisture, loss of the original structure is possible!

Lemon juice or acid can help deal with particularly corrosive dirt in the home. It must be applied to contaminated areas and left for an hour and a half. Removal of residues and drying of the product are necessary.

Special Remedy is a popular remedy for our grandmothers. Application in its original form can distort the appearance of the carpet, make it wear out. On the basis of laundry soap, a solution is prepared: 10 g of turpentine, 5 g of a grated bar, 1 liter of warm water. Apply the foam solution with a soft brush, leave to dry. After application, ventilate the room.

Starch and other substances will help to process carpet from plasticine.

care and maintenance of rugs and carpets

Modern materials from which carpets are made are resistant to dirt. Despite the fact that natural fibers, wool, flax are added to the composition, special synthetic fibers and unique components prevent dirt. Cleaning and stain removal should be done regularly.

An S-shaped, auger, or spiral-shaped brush is an effective tool for vacuuming carpet with a dry method. Its brush will comb and lift the pile, capture dirt particles. Local pockets of increased pollution in the home will help clean dry powder cleaners. These are finely porous granules with absorbent properties. The powder should be scattered over the entire area of ​​the carpet and rubbed thoroughly into the pile, then collected with a vacuum cleaner with a spiral brush.

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Cleaning carpets at home is not difficult. This is to give freshness and cleanliness to all family members. Use different light chemicals and home carpet cleaning methods.

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