how to get rid of black mold around windows?

It is necessary to get rid of black mold around windows immediately after stains are detected, the fungus can destroy the structure of materials and cause serious harm to human health. There are many ways to help you clean your utensils at home.

How To Get Rid Of Black Mold Around Windows?

Why is there black mold around my windows?

Highlighted two main factors of the appearance of mold on the windows and in the apartment – high humidity inside the room and improper air circulation. Most houses have plastic window and door structures, due to the movement of airflows, there is no Plastic products are intended for high-quality sound insulation, retention of heat in the apartment. There are no cracks in plastic windows through which air enters the room.

The main reasons due to which the problem appears:

  • excess of plants – experts say that the number of green spaces in one room should not exceed five pieces, otherwise the plants contribute to an excessive increase in the level of moisture;
  • insufficient layer of polyurethane foam between the walls and the window – the cold in winter provokes the growth of the fungus;
  • malfunction of the home ventilation system;
  • poor-quality or outdated plumbing – often the cause of mold is leaking metal pipes.

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How To Get Rid Of Black Mold Around Windows?

Here we will discuss how to get rid of black mold around windows made of different surfaces i.e plastic, wooden. Black mold is dangerous for health as well as for wealth. so let discuss it in detail.

Get Rid Of Black Mold Around Windows made of plastic

Here we will discuss how to get rid of black mold around windows made of different surfaces i.e plastic, wooden. Black mold is dangerous for health as well as for wealth. so let discuss it in detail.

Get Rid Of Black Mold Around Windows made of plastic

Plastic, despite its high level of wear resistance, is easily susceptible to fungal attack. The specificity of the material and the special microclimate in the space around the window contribute to the active reproduction of the fungus. It is possible to get rid of mold on plastic windows, but the difficulty lies in the capriciousness of the product.

The reason lies in the possible appearance of ugly yellowness, loss of the external shine of the window structure. It is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of a cleaning agent, experts recommend not to take risks, instead of aggressive household chemicals, use natural antiseptics. Folk remedies save windows from the black mold more slowly, but in terms of effectiveness, they are not inferior to professional antifungal mixtures.

If the black spots of the fungal colony are only visible on the side plastic panels, the surrounding walls should be checked. Carefully inspect the slopes, the window sill – the process of staining often begins on the window sections. To remove mold on the slopes, it is necessary to completely knock down the layer of plaster. After that, the wall is cleaned with a stiff brush with a solution of chlorine and water (in a ratio of 1: 5). Ventilate the room well after the procedure.

If the walls around the window are lined with plasterboard, on which black mold has developed, it is better to replace it with new material.

Colonies penetrate deep into the drywall, it is impossible to clean such spots.

After completing the cleaning of the walls, further processing of the slopes and plastic window panels from the fungus that has eaten into the surface begins. Professional chemical mixtures or folk remedies are used copper sulfate, undiluted table vinegar, tea tree oil, soda or soda with peroxide. To finally get rid of mold, you need to carefully treat the plastic with antiseptics.

The final stage of cleaning a plastic window – surface treatment with waterproofing agents (on a rubber basis), is done after the antiseptics have completely dried. After applying the product to the plastic, a waterproof film is instantly formed. The resulting shell will protect the material from the appearance of fungus for the next few years.

remove mold from wood window frames

Mold often appears on wooden windows, but unlike plastic, getting rid of the fungus is much easier. The tree does not need to be treated with special chemical antiseptics; for a high-quality result, it is enough to do with ordinary folk disinfection methods.

Before treating the surface of the wood with an antifungal mixture, you should thoroughly clean the mold-affected areas of the window. A hard brush will not cope, it is recommended to purchase a metal spatula. The stains are gently scraped off the window panels. After the spatula, the primary cleaning process is not completed; it is necessary to re-walk the surface with emery paper.

The second step is surface disinfection. Dissolved copper sulfate is more often used, which is distributed over the previously cleaned areas of the wooden window panels.

After application, the antiseptic is left to dry completely.

The final stage is the final coating of the window structure with a special waterproof paint or other means for processing wood. It is made for preventive purposes, contributes to reliable protection against black mold.

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how to remove black stains from window sills?

It is not difficult to get rid of mold on the windowsill; ordinary antiseptics – soda, tea tree oil solution, or vinegar, will do. The only thing that should be taken into account is the type of surface of the window sill.

The design is of two types – smooth (glossy), rough. In the first case, a soft sponge or microfiber cloth is used to clean the window from mold. Allows you not to scratch the surface of the window sill, keep the original smoothness. In the second case, a hard sponge or brush is used.

When cleaning window sills with any type of surface, do not use metal scrapers – abrasive tools scratch the plastic a lot. Dust and dirt accumulate in the resulting scratches, in the event of a secondary appearance, the fungus will penetrate deeper into the structure.

It will be difficult to remove stains, up to replacing the window sill.

Mold actively grows near the seams and under the window frame in the window sill area. To make it easier to remove fungi from areas, choose a toothbrush as the best cleaning tool. After removing black spots from the surface, you need to wash off the antiseptics with water. The only remedy that does not need to be rinsed off is a tea tree oil solution.

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how to prevent mold around windows?

Black mold does not appear in all rooms. But the problem is common, you need to follow a few simple rules that will help avoid the spread of fungus on the windows of an apartment or office.

The main condition for prevention is room ventilation. It is necessary to air the apartment or office every day, at least twice, for ten minutes in the morning and in the evening. Doors between rooms must be open.

how to prevent mold around windows?
  1. A lot of mold accumulates in the area of ​​kitchen windows. In order to avoid it, it is recommended to use the hood during cooking, to close the dishes with lids. If there is no extractor hood, open a window or window.
  2. Drying washed clothes indoors is not encouraged – in addition to the harmful smell of powder, wet clothes are an unnecessary source of moisture. It is especially dangerous if clothes are hung on wooden doors.
  3. The number of plants in each room does not exceed five.
  4. Odor absorbers are considered reliable removers of excess moisture in a room. To combat the fungus, industrial versions of the products and ordinary wood (cat litter or sawdust for rodents) are used. An effective moisture absorber is table salt. Industrial odor absorbers are available in the form of capsules, for ordinary ones, small linen bags are sewn or purchased in the store, where the filler is poured. To prevent the appearance of mold, it is enough to place capsules or bags in places where the likelihood of the spread of mold is high, in this case – on the windowsills. Periodically, the filler needs to be changed to fresh.
  5. Check the window structure for gaps, especially under the windowsill. Outside holes are covered with special sealants, under the window sills they are filled with foam, external slopes are treated with putty for facade work.
  6. Molds often appear as a result of plumbing leaks. It is caused by the peculiarity of the material from which the main pipes are made – metal. Metal structures quickly rust and become unusable. The ideal solution is to completely replace metal pipes with high-quality plastic.


Black mold can spoil plastic and wooden windows; it is not always possible to get rid of black mold around windows at one time. To prevent the appearance of a problem, it is recommended to follow the rules of prevention to keep the room from dampness, in which mold is actively propagating.

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