Best Way to Deep Cleaning Upholstered Furniture at Home

Means for deep cleaning upholstered furniture can be presented in the form of specialized household chemicals or homemade recipes from improvised substances. Proper care of sofas and armchairs is a must, it is important to prevent old stains, do not use products that spoil the upholstery.

Deep Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Deep Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Systematic furniture care is a guarantee that sofas and armchairs will delight you with their perfect look and will last a long time. When buying upholstered furniture, remember that each material has its own method of care. Test the chemical in an inconspicuous area of ​​the sheathing prior to use.

Deep Cleaning Upholstered Furniture with Home methods

Most fresh dirt can be cleaned with soapy water. Apply the solution to the stain with a sponge and gradually wash off with clean water using a tissue. Dry the upholstery with a hairdryer.

Prepare a vinegar solution, wash the sheet in it, and place it on the upholstery material of upholstered furniture. Knock the sofa straight through the fabric. Rinse the sheet if necessary, repeat the procedure.

Make a solution: Mix shampoo with a bubble bath (1: 1 ratio). It is a liquid safe for all types of upholstery, an alternative to store products.

Chemical powders can be replaced with chalk, talc, coarse table salt (substances have good absorbent properties).

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Professional remedies to Deep Clean Upholstered Furniture

Clean fabrics are not recommended for moisture (tapestry, silk) with a spray or powder. Spray the foam on the stain, wait 5-10 minutes, remove the remaining dirt with a vacuum cleaner. If using dry powder, wait for the stain to change color, then turn on the vacuum cleaner. When wet cleaning, do not apply concentrated products, they must be diluted with water.

Stain removers are universal. In the rating of the best household chemicals, Vanish occupies a leading position. The line of detergents includes antibacterial shampoo for steam cleaners, shampoos for carpets and vacuum cleaners, powders, sprays. Read the instructions carefully before use.

Do not use chemicals with chlorine, you risk irrevocably damaging the furniture. Buy oxygenated optical brighteners.

Don’t choose products with a pungent scent, especially if your family has allergies. The chemicals are absorbed into the furniture and the odor will persist even if the stain is rinsed off well.

Steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners for Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners for Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

If the upholstery fabric does not contain a structured pile, it can be vacuum cleaned. To do this, soak the gauze in saline for 10 minutes, attach it to the end of the hose and treat the stain.

Tapestries can be cleaned with a no-brush attachment.

Vacuum cleaners give the greatest effect, the solution is applied under pressure. After rinsing, the dirt is removed completely.

Steam cleaners kill germs and microorganisms in addition to removing stains. Apply a jet of steam to an inconspicuous area of ​​the sofa seat before use. For preventive purposes, simple steam treatment is sufficient (for this, pour water into the compartment). If you need to clean the dirt, prepare a solution (dry powder cannot be used).

best way to clean sofa upholstery?

Sofas used daily need regular cleaning. Depending on the material of the upholstery, you need to choose specific gentle substances that will not spoil the material.

Deep clean Leather sofa upholstery

Deep Clean Leather Sofa Upholstery

The leather surface does not collect dust, but is exposed to temperature changes and absorbs foreign odors. To clean it, you need to adhere to certain rules:

  1. For prophylactic purposes, leather and leatherette can be treated with soapy water. Do not rub in, just lightly rub the surface with a napkin. Do not overuse this method; frequent cleaning may cause the skin to crack.
  2. An effective way to remove stains is with tape. To do this, glue the tape to the spot and tear it off.
  3. Use alcohol solutions, you can use vodka.
  4. Warm up 1 glass of natural cow’s milk, moisten a napkin in the liquid, wipe the dirty areas. You can add chicken yolk protein to the milk.
  5. Cosmetic facial milk will help remove fresh stains.

Do not use acetone, turpentine, substances containing abrasives for leather and leatherette. To avoid damage, do not steam clean the materials.

Check to Remove Dried Blood Stains From Upholstery.

Clean Velor and suede sofa

Contamination is removed in two stages. First, clean with a special velour brush. Then the stains are removed with a napkin dipped in a vinegar solution (1 tsp table vinegar per 1 liter of water). Treat against the direction of the pile. Suede, velour, and nubuck can be cleaned with a steam cleaner.

Deep Cleaning sofa made on any material

When removing dirt from upholstered furniture, the choice of a cleaner for old sofas depends on the material of the upholstery covering, the origin of the stain, and the method of cleaning:

  • coffee stains will go away if they are treated with laundry soap;
  • spilled red wine or fat is sprinkled with salt, and then cleaned with a napkin;
  • chocolate, beer, coffee is removed with a non-concentrated soap solution;
  • the blood is wiped with a cloth soaked in cold water;
  • drops of wax are covered with a napkin and ironed;
  • spilled fruit juice is removed with a solution of ammonia and vinegar (1: 1 ratio);
  • traces of lipstick are removed with 10% alcohol solution;
  • a solution of table vinegar (for 1 liter of water 2 tablespoons) will help to remove unpleasant odors;
  • use ice from the freezer to remove chewing gum;
  • soak urine with a napkin, and then remove it with liquid soap;
  • dried plasticine is well cleaned with soda.

remove dirt from wooden parts of upholstered furniture

To remove dirt from wooden furniture parts:

  1. Use an iron. Set the appliance to steam mode and place a napkin on the stain. Let the device sit on the surface for 5 minutes.
  2. Moisten a hard sponge with sunflower oil, rub the stain.
  3. Acetone and solvents are used with caution, these agents can damage the varnished wood layer. The surface should be re-varnished.
  4. Prepare your own wood polish: 2 tbsp. beeswax mix with 100 gr. soybean oil, heat in a water bath. Use a substance to add shine to wood surfaces. Under proper storage conditions (avoid direct sunlight), the product can be used for six months.

Silk upholstery is cleaned with a brush wrapped in a cotton napkin. The napkin is pre-moistened in a solution of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.

Foam for cleaning upholstered furniture is suitable if the upholstery material is a tapestry. Dry cleaning can be used.

Microfiber is cleaned using tissue and neutral detergent. Velvet and plush are wiped with a cloth dipped in gasoline.

clean upholstered furniture without streaks

It is enough to follow some simple rules:

  • if dirt is removed by dry cleaning, then use this method;
  • when washing away stains during wet cleaning, do not use a large amount of water;
  • powdered cleaners are effective for fresh stains, foam cleaners are more suitable for stubborn stains;
  • it is much more difficult to deal with old pollution, do not allow them to appear;
  • if there is no information about the material of the upholstery, it is better not to experiment and call the cleaning service or dry-cleaner;
  • do not use both store and home cleaning methods at the same time – there will be no streaks.

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To avoid stains on upholstered furniture, use removable covers and furniture covers. They are easy to wash and change, perfecting the style of the room. During repairs, sofas and carpets should be removed from the room or covered with oilcloth to prevent staining. Use methods above to deep cleaning upholstered furniture.

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