how to clean sticky grease off kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen furniture eventually absorbs unpleasant odors, grease stains and drops remain on the surface. Intensive cleaning can damage the coating, the headset loses its appearance, and quickly needs to be replaced. Timely cleaning and correctly selected products will help keep the room clean sticky grease off kitchen cabinets and keep them for a long time.

How To Clean Sticky Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets?

Features of Clean Sticky Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets made of different material

Before buying furniture, read the rules for the care of the material of the products.

Wood is a widespread and traditional raw material for the manufacture of the body and facade of a kitchen set. Products made from natural materials are durable. Thanks to the treatment with a water-repellent solution, they do not deform from steam, water, high temperatures. The material is expensive and requires special care. Do not use aggressive household chemicals to remove greasy stains, you can wipe with a damp soft cloth. Subject to these rules, the kitchen will be durable and will not change its appearance.

MDF is a modern, high-quality, inexpensive but practical material for kitchen countertops and furniture. It is a compressed shaving impregnated with special resins, thanks to which the material has high strength, wear-resistance and can compete with natural wood. MDF furniture must not be washed with products containing acid, ammonia, chlorine, and abrasive substances.

Plastic is a fairly durable option for furniture. If you minimize contact with moisture, it will last long enough. To remove greasy deposits, do not use powder, alcohol, chlorine-containing products.

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How To Clean Sticky Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets?

You can use chemicals and home remedies to clean sticky grease off kitchen cabinets. Let discuss both in detail.

best cleaner to clean grease off kitchen cabinets

The store offers a selection of all-purpose cleaners that are suitable for different types of stains and surfaces. Saving time on choosing an option for home fat removal, you can buy a 5 in 1 or 7 in 1 product, but you will not get the desired effect.

best cleaner to clean grease off kitchen cabinets

As practice shows, the more versatile the chemistry, the worse the result.

Overview of products of various consistencies:

  1. Liquids, foams. Convenient to apply to dirty surfaces. There is a spray bottle in the package for convenient use. Soft carbon deposits, fresh grease stains can be cleaned.
  2. Cream, gel. They have a great effect, they can be accurately dispensed onto a dirty area of ​​kitchen furniture. Read the packaging carefully, many of this type of products contain abrasives that scratch surfaces.
  3. Powder. Ideal for hard surfaces with lightly burnt greasy stains. Their shape allows you to scrape off dirt in layers.

By acid composition there are:

  1. Alkalis. Suitable for cleaning metal. It is often undesirable to use, they destroy the coating.
  2. Acids. The composition is strong or weak, concentrated or not. If pH 3-5 (low) can be used on tiles, laminates, if pH 1-3 (high) can be used against rust, plaque.
  3. Neutral. Are versatile. You can wash fat in the kitchen, home furniture, household appliances. Such means will not be able to remove plaque, rust, fumes.

By the composition of active ingredients:

  1. Abrasives. A crumb capable of removing any dirt from all surfaces. Disadvantage – it leaves scratches on the furniture.
  2. Organic solvents. Moisturizes dry stains, penetrates fat molecules for easy removal.
  3. Acids. Eliminate rust, lime deposits, scale. It is not advisable to use on gilded surfaces.
  4. Oxidizing agents. Disinfects and oxidizes organic dirt on furniture.
  5. Alkali. Effective against stubborn stains. Do not wash aluminum cookware.
  6. Surfactant. Dissolve fat. Hard funds. They can only be used with gloves.

Folk ways to clean kitchen cabinet from grease

Not all store products are suitable for cleaning the kitchen set from grease. Aggressive household chemicals can deform the surface and worsen its appearance. You can use home remedies to help remove dirt and prevent scratches or discoloration of your countertop.

Before washing the kitchen from fat with folk remedies, it is recommended to conduct a test for a small area in order to understand how the material will react to the composition of the substance.

Folk ways to clean kitchen cabinet from grease

Does rubbing alcohol take off grease?

Alcohols and acids. Citric acid: for 1 liter of water, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, a couple of drops of any detergent. We wipe the dirt with a solution, wait 30 minutes, wash the furniture from old fat with a clean rag. Ammonia: for 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of ammonia. The resulting product is used to wipe the contaminated areas, after 5 minutes they are washed off with water. Vodka: new stains can be removed with a cloth soaked in vodka, old ones are treated from a spray bottle with a mixture of water, vodka, vinegar (2: 1: 1). 

Essential oil is used as a flavoring agent, add a few drops to the solution. After processing wooden furniture, wait 15 minutes, wash off the grease with a damp cloth. You can mix hydrogen peroxide and soda, treat the contaminated areas with the resulting thick mass and rinse with water after a while.

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cleaning kitchen cabinets with baking soda

Salt and soda. Soda: 2-3 tablespoons are mixed with warm water until a thick porridge is obtained. Using a small brush (toothbrush), apply on oily areas, wait 10 minutes, rinse with water and wipe dry. Method 1: dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of salt in a liter of water. Furniture is treated with a moistened rag, washed off with water. Method 2: fine salt is mixed with water or diluted citric acid to obtain porridge. Apply to dirty areas, rub a little and wash kitchen cabinets from grease after a few minutes.

How does vinegar degrease cabinets?

Vinegar. Used pure and diluted with water 1: 1. Apply to a soft cloth and wipe off the dirt. After a few minutes, rinse thoroughly with water. Disadvantage: slightly damages the surface of the kitchen unit, brightening it.

Use Mustard powder to Clean Sticky Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets

Mustard powder and baking powder. Mustard powder is good at destroying dirt and grease on furniture. It is necessary to wipe the surface with a damp cloth, then sprinkle with powder and process with a dry sponge. Remove with a damp sponge. Baking powder for the dough: prepare gruel by dissolving it in water, apply to the greasy area, and after 30 minutes wash the surface with a damp cloth and water. If the surface is still sticky, you can rewind with the detergent and sponge.

clean grease from kitchen cabinets with Laundry soap

Laundry soap. Used for cleaning the kitchen and the whole house. Recipe for cleaning glasses, ceramics, metal: rub the soap on a coarse grater, pour it over with water, stir. The solution is used to wipe oily areas on the furniture. Without letting it dry, apply baking soda to a sponge and wipe it, leaving it for 20 minutes. Wash off with a wet cloth. A recipe for a kitchen set made of varnish and gloss: rub a damp sponge with soap to a thick foam, apply dirty oily areas. Leave for a few minutes, rinse, wipe the surface dry with a soft cloth so that no streaks remain.

How do you clean kitchen cabinets without damaging them?

The main rule to wash off grease from kitchen furniture is to remove dirt in a timely manner. After cooking, clean everything and wipe dry. This will preserve the durability of the surfaces and the cleanliness of the room.

Means that damage the kitchen set:

  • aggressive household chemicals: surfactants, chemical organic solvents;
  • alkalis, acids are prohibited for cleaning grease from kitchen surfaces;
  • abrasives (when used on glossy or matte surfaces);
  • when using vinegar, soda, mustard powder, the dosage should be strictly observed. Not suitable for matte surfaces.

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Before purchasing a cleaning product, familiarize yourself with the way it is used and the materials on which it is applicable. Take care of kitchen furniture, do not leave traces of grease and burning on it, and it will delight you with its functionality and presentable appearance for a long time and clean sticky grease off kitchen cabinets timely.

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